The Batman Sequels Rumored To Be In Trouble Due To Difficulty With Robert Pattinson

The Batman

This week, we learned the frustrating news that Warner Bros. has pushed back practically all of its upcoming DC movies, including The Batman, which is now due in March 2022. That’s a bummer, but at least we know it’s on its way and, once it’s here, it’ll be the start of a brand new franchise. Or maybe not, according to a wild new rumor.

Controversial YouTube personality Doomcock has released a video in which he claims that sources have told him that production on The Batman is in turmoil, with star Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves having a massive falling out. The YouTuber says that news of Pattinson contracting COVID-19 was a cover and Reeves had actually demanded that the British actor take some time to get in better shape, following comments he made over the summer that he wasn’t working out during quarantine.

Tensions are said to be running so high that apparently, the director doesn’t want to work with his star again and is now considering the film “a one and done” type deal, with plans for sequels apparently close to being scrapped. Doomcock says that he’s been unable to verify the accuracy of this info with another source just yet, so he encourages folks to take it with a grain of salt, and we’d caution the same.

After all, fans have generally agreed that Pattinson, who’s known for his irreverent personality, was likely joking when he remarked that he wasn’t working out. Likewise, even if there was a problem with Reeves, WB would probably just remove him from the picture rather than sacrifice a whole franchise that they’ve got big plans for.

Still, it’s a fact that the road to the screen for The Batman has been and will continue to be bumpy as the production team tries to navigate around the worldwide situation. As things stand, though, it’s about a year and a half away from reaching us. Let’s just hope that things move smoother from here on out.