Here’s How Willem Dafoe Could Look As The Batman’s Joker

Joker Dark Knight

Anytime there’s an opening for a new Joker, Willem Dafoe’s name always comes up. The former Spider-Man star just has the perfect look and energy to play the Clown Prince of Crime, even though no one’s ever seen fit to cast him in the role as yet. Of late, folks have started wanting to see him don the purple suit again as talk swirls of Matt Reeves planning to introduce the Joker into his Batman universe. And fans thinks Dafoe is the perfect choice due to he and Robert Pattinson recently starring together in The Lighthouse.

Who knows whether this could really be Dafoe’s time or not, but this awesome new piece of fan art once again proves that he would kill it in the part. Anarchic Graphics shared their sinister piece on Instagram and as you can see below, it depicts the Dafoe-ker looming over Gotham City, with Heath Ledger-like bloody scars giving him his creepy permanent smile.

Obviously, we’ve already had two cinematic Jokers over the past few years – Jared Leto’s in 2016’s Suicide Squad and Joaquin Phoenix in last year’s Joker – but it seems that Warner Bros. is about to deliver a third. You can’t have the Dark Knight without his nemesis, after all, so it’s no surprise that Reeves is reportedly building up to a showdown between Battinson and whoever his Joker turns out to be.

Other actors fans have suggested include Bill Skarsgard and Tom Hiddleston. Johnny Depp is potentially being eyed for the part, too, which has certainly grabbed fans’ attention, while The Batman could very well feature a scene teasing the villain’s arrival in the sequel.

Tell us, though, would you like to see Willem Dafoe play the Joker? Or should someone else be Pattinson’s arch-enemy? Share your thoughts in the usual place.