And Then I Woke Up: The Ten Best Films Of The Noughties

Join us in our decade-based film retrospective, as we delve backwards all the way from 2009 to 1910. Most decade-based best movie lists grant you a whooping 50-100 entries, which makes perfect sense given all the years you have to take into consideration. But what if you were defining a decade in just ten films? Showcasing the very best of its cinematic offerings? Which movies would you recommend to somebody who might only watch ten movies from a given decade? First off, it’s the Noughties.

The Noughties, for anyone who is still confused by that term (although I doubt anybody is), is the years 2000 through 2009. And although there will always be a nostalgic clamoring for the golden days of cinema – a time when all ideas seemed fresh and groundbreaking, and sequels and franchises were a little less… everywhere – the Noughties have proven themselves a spectacular era of filmmaking, albeit a decade somewhat lacking in identity.

There has been innovation, of course, what with the rise of digital filmmaking, James Cameron’s Avatar, and Pixar’s string of acclaimed masterpieces. This decade, too, saw the rise of the superhero film, a subgenre which continues to dominate the box office with relentless force (and shows no sign of slowing down). And yet both independent and studio films have continued to find audiences in projects of all shapes and sizes. Here’s what we’ve come up with, although everybody’s list is sure to be completely different.

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