And Then I Woke Up: The Ten Best Films Of The Noughties


10. The Dark Knight (2008) (Dir. Christopher Nolan)

Though his first Batman effort Batman Begins indulged in its hero’s comic book roots far more willingly, Christopher Nolan took the caped crusader into Michael Mann territory for his critically-acclaimed follow-up. The Dark Knight, a serious picture with a black heart, came to redefine the genetics of the comic book adaptation and transformed the scene for future filmmakers – audiences relished the realistic tone and politically-minded atmosphere. It was Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker, however, that snapped up most of the attention, and deservedly so.

9. Zodiac (2007) (Dir. David Fincher)

David Fincher is renowned for his dark visuals and clinical shooting style, both of which come together flawlessly in the director’s second serial killer picture. His characters, tasked with investigating a string of San Francisco murders we know they will never solve, are brilliantly-realised, and the film is drenched in a wonderful, uneasy atmosphere.

Truly, the faux-70s have never looked better on film than they do here. Some complained Zodiac was somewhat frustrating in its length, but that frustration only serves to help you better identify with the movie’s characters – characters who refuse to let go.

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