Wolverine’s Yellow Suit Isn’t In Logan, But It Is Referenced


In just a few weeks, Hugh Jackman will don the adamantium claws one final time to play Wolverine in James Mangold’s Logan. It’s truly the end of an era, as the actor first portrayed the iconic mutant back in 2000, and from what early reviews have been saying, the threequel is a fitting conclusion for the beloved character.

Given that it’s his last time on screen though, many have been hoping that maybe, just maybe, the classic yellow suit would show up. After all, it was teased in a deleted scene from The Wolverine (see the clip above) and for a while now, we’ve been hearing that it might make an appearance in Logan. Hugh Jackman even hinted at it the other week when he Tweeted out a photo of a Wolvie action figure sporting the costume in question. Unfortunately, however, it turns out that the actor was just having some fun with his fans.

Logan premiered today at the Berlin International Film Festival and having now seen it for ourselves, we can tell you that the yellow suit does not show up at any point. It’s a bit upsetting, to be sure, as this was the final chance for Jackman to don it, but given the more moody and somber tone of Logan, it does make sense for him not to wear it, as it would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

That being said, the costume is still referenced at one point. There’s a scene (which was also teased in the film’s second trailer) that sees the titular hero in a hotel room with the young X-23, who’s in possession of an X-Men comic book. Apparently, the younger mutants have grown up idolizing Wolverine and the other X-Men, but Logan bursts her bubble when he tells her that what she’s reading is made up and no one actually dressed in those tight latex costumes – referring to his spandex suit.

Again, some fans will probably be upset to learn that we’ll now never get the chance to see Jackman in yellow, but we really don’t know how Mangold could have found a way to work it in without it feeling forced or gimmick-y. We’ve already heard that the director initially toyed with the idea of a Deadpool cameo but cut it for that very same reason, so it’s no surprise that he wasn’t willing to stick this costume into Logan just for the sake of having it show up.

What do you make of all this, though? Were you expecting to see Wolverine in his classic suit? Or did you have a feeling that it wouldn’t appear in the threequel? Sound off in the usual place and let us know!