10 Terrible Comic Book Adaptations We’d Like To Forget


1) Iron Fist (2017)

Marvel has been working tirelessly to continue its cross integration. With four series already on Netflix and an additional one on its way, the studio’s jumping head first into the world of television adaptations. The Marvel universe has been giving its lesser known stars like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones the opportunity to shine on the small screen and it’s here on the streaming platform that they’ve been able to find a nascent – and equally profitable – home.

The last piece to that diegetic puzzle is the inclusion of Iron Fist. It was the final series to be showcased before Marvel launches their seeming flagship crossover miniseries The Defenders, but unfortunately, it didn’t pan out the way in which the comic book creators had no doubt hoped it would. Many of the industry’s most respected publications (particularly when it comes to television reviews) trashed the series for being unoriginal, frustrating and racially insensitive. To some critics, this may have been the beginning of the end of Marvel’s dominance in mass media.

But despite the less-than-favorable critical appraisal, the series was still quite a success with audiences, having the second highest launch viewings of any Marvel Netflix show. It was also the most binge-watched premiere for the streaming service in 2017. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that Netflix is slated to pick up the show for a second season. Let’s just hope they’re able to improve upon where Iron Fist went wrong the first time around.

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