8 Comic Book Movies That Clearly Didn’t Read Their Source Material


I need to ask Hollywood a question. I know they won’t answer me, but I really need to ask it, so here it goes: Why do you adapt material if all you plan on doing is shitting all over it? It has happened countless times with amazing books (I Am Legend, as a perfect example) and now it is happening more and more with comic book movies, too. Studios are handed perfect source material, and they feel the need to make it more “Hollywood.” Often, in that process, they seem to lose sight of the core ideas of the comic books they are adapting.

There are few things as enraging for your average fanboy as seeing a series or franchise they love being ruined for the sake of the big screen. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that awful feeling that the creators of the movie have never even read the comic book. The problem is, this is what typically happens with these types of films. Even in examples where it seems like they mostly got it right, if you look closely you will see that they clearly missed the mark and the message of the story.

The reality is, when I sat down to write this list, I realized just how many comic book movies missed the mark. It was way too many for one list. So, think of this as a sort of unofficial part one to this piece. These may be the most obvious examples of comic book movies that didn’t read the comic they were based on, but there are tons more.

So, without further ado, here are the eight comic book movies that I feel didn’t read the source material they were based on.

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  1. well i have not read any of hellblazer comics so beyond this i for one really liked constantine…

    1. Remy Carreirosays:

      On its own, it is a fun ride.

  2. Guestsays:

    To the author you seem to enjoy the goriness in comics … I think you should get your head checked … not everyone share your love for violence 😛

    1. Remy Carreirosays:

      I got my head checked. They told me I am broken. Thanks for confirming it.

    2. Rob Dotzlersays:

      The point he’s trying to make is, in my view, if you’re going to make the movie based on the source, then DO IT. If you’re going to half ass it, make a DIFFERENT movie and find an alternate source to base it from. Better yet, come up with your own damn ideas instead of shitting all over somebody else’s.

  3. Stansays:

    Why does Hollywood shit all over it’s source material, Well because that’s all it knows how to do. Basicly, Hollywood and TV Land is not about telling a well written, well crafted story,it not about quality or try to give us their best effort.. It’s just about making money, the cheapest ,easiest way you can.
    And speaking of “source material”,in the film “Gravity” the orbital positions of the various satillites and space stations are not realistic(along with many other things)..That film had so much potential and could have been so much more than it was instead the film maker took the lazy way out .

    1. Remy Carreirosays:

      Well said.

    2. Razorsfurysays:

      Wait… Gravity is the film you pick on? Lost all your momentum when you ended on that note

    3. docsays:

      Lazy way out and Gravity?

  4. LoveFictionsays:

    Also, Deadpool does get his voice back in the post-credits … ^_^

    1. Remy Carreirosays:

      Yeah, but that scene was so whack.

      1. ChristopherWardsays:

        To be fair…the entire Fox X-Men franchise can, politely, be described that way.
        There are other words, vulgar and violent words, that probably do a better job describing it. I pray nightly that Marvel is able to get the movie rights back from Fox before they make the very possibility of a good X-movie impossible.

      2. Dayakar Padayacheesays:

        are we forgetting The Wolverine and X-MEN FIRST CLASS

      3. ChristopherWardsays:

        No. I’m including them as reasons Marvel needs to regain those movie rights. First Class sucked all kinds of arse, and the Wolverine movies, though fun, have been less faithful to the source material than League of Extraordinary Gentlemen… And had about that level of production value.

      4. bfg666says:

        Methinks he specifically referred to The Wolverine, aka the 2nd movie taking place in Japan. Yes, Origins: Wolverine was all kinds of wrong but The Wolverine set the record straight in most of its aspects. And though FC brought its own pile of continuity issues, it was significantly better than X3. Also, Jennifer Lawrence (almost) naked, ’nuff said.

        I realize though that the franchise would probably be treated with more respect in Marvel’s hands and I’d be hard-pressed to find anything Marvel that I want more than seeing Wolvie and Spidey’s legendary love/hate banter in the Avengers (this getting the Whedon treatment would be pure gold!) but let’s face it, even if Fox were willing to give their cash cow back, Marvel can only do that many movies per year. So for now, at least until Marvel Studios seriously overhaul their release schedule, we have to go with the flow and be content with what we’re getting, however sketchy it is. Or make our very own fan fiction, which is usually far too low-budgeted, especially in the FX department.

    2. kieran o'briensays:

      yeah but he all so still had cyclops optic blasts and swords coming out of his hands there is not defending it the hole x-man franchise is a total fuck up and it makes me really feel sad some time.

      1. docsays:

        Also, spell check much?

  5. kieran o'briensays:

    this for me is spot on and reflects just how i feel about each moive you have here

    i all so think that you did not focuses on the goriness of the comics all to much and seeing as the goriness is quit a big part of the comics to that i say well done and i would like to see them make the boys the movie.

  6. Actually in League of ExtraOrdinary Gentleman, Hyde rape the invisible man in the SECOND book when the Martians attack (War of the worlds)

  7. Parkersays:

    Oh man, Deadpool…I was hoping to block that memory from my mind forever.

  8. i like keanu reeves, but his casting as constantine was an abysmal choice. constantine is a dirty (in every way) blonde smoking man, appearance of a young sting. so neither the appearance, nor the behavior fits here.

    1. coalmindssays:

      There was some extremely cool stuff in the movie though, I thought their visual representation of hell was excellent.

      1. oh, the movie was great. especially stormare´s devil. but it wasn´t really a hellblazer-movie.

      2. DngnRdrsays:

        Though the whole curing his cancer was a major thing in the movie – the devil cured it to keep him alive so he would have a chance to taint his soul again after redeeming it with self sacrifice – how can they say it was missing? Admittedly it was done differently in the comics with his double deal with different devils but it was still an important part of the movie.

  9. alien vs predator? actually, it´s completely unimportant if this fits the comic-books or doesn´t. there´s only one thing that made me suspicious: we had 2 predator-movies in the past and so far we knew one thing: they only come when it´s hottest. this movie plays in the ice. ?????????

    1. lakawaksays:

      I can’t believe a comic book nerd would care about continuity changes since that is al comic books do. At least movies don’t have multiple, totally different versions of characters going at the same time.

      1. bfg666says:

        …And I assure you that we hate it with all our soul when new writers are retconning our beloved characters. I, for one, am still not over Peter and MJ’s undoing. They were THE one and only stable comic couple that lasted and resisted against all odds and they were meant to grow old together. Thanks a bunch Dan Slott for putting an end to that exception and disregarding any sense of character development with your compulsively back-to-basics attitude! Thanks also for betraying the character yet again with the almost 2-year long drag that was the so-called Superior Spider-Man… I’m especially furious at him now because the meant-to-be-yet-still-ex-couple seemed to be on the verge of getting back together before that “Superior” debacle. Two very long years later, MJ’s statement in this story arc finale ruined all chances of ever seeing them together again. Please Dan Slott, can we finally have our beloved tough-as-nails MJ back instead of this ersatz who can’t put up with the crazy stuff in Spidey’s life? Pretty please with sugar on top? No, seriously, can you just stop RAPING (see what I did here?) the character sideways?

        Ahem. Sorry, I didn’t mean to digress like that. As I said, we do hate retcons. One would think that cinema, a medium more prone to a certain level of realism, would actually put an end to this stinking practice.

        @Gerald Herrmann: So, the PG-13 didn’t raise an eyebrow? THIS to me was the indication that it was gonna suck big time. I mean really, two of the most dangerous killer species in the universe and we’re supposed to believe a PG-13 toned down version will be any kind of good? Come on!

      2. James M. Fabianosays:

        Still better than New 52.

    2. Jamessays:

      There was the comic series from 1992 called “Predator: Cold War”, and it was a great one. It took place in the arctic.

    3. Kal-El-1983says:

      That was when they are drawn to hunt for sport. This was a set place as a proving ground. Since it seems the Yautja prefer a hot climate and are more than likely at their most comfortable there, an arctic climate would be ideal for a proving ground.

  10. LOEG is a catastrophe compared to the book. no more to say.

  11. i have no idea what came to them when they “cretaed” this deadpool-version in wolverine. there´s no sense in that.

    1. MadMaxsays:

      Exactly… I agree entirely, Deadpool is one of my favourite characters

      1. Adrienne Earlysays:

        You guys did watch the after credits scene, right? It allowed Deadpool to be brought back again to future episodes with speaking ability.

      2. Silent Political Yeomansays:

        The thing is, though, is that Deadpool wasn’t nearly insane enough and Ryan Reynolds simply didn’t have the whole cheery, annoying talkativeness that his comic book counterpart has (along with his frequent breaking of the fourth wall).

      3. James M. Fabianosays:

        Well thanks to X-Men: DOFP, it never happened period. So…..

    2. ZanathKariashisays:

      Well…While I certainly don’t condone the extent of liberties taken, Deadpool really was the result of a Mutant-ability transplating process. Wade Wilson, a career mercenary, discovered he had terminal cancer and signed up for a government funded project that was testing theoretical cures since he was out of options ( in this case, trying to transplant Wolverine’s healing factor), but it failed spectacularly (causing his cancer to spread all over his body) and eventually drove him insane from the constant pain and being dumped into the Deadpool where failures were disposed of. (He originally only had a mild healing factor, just enough to barely keep him alive, but it was later enhanced through the roof by a jealous Thanos using Titan technology to try and get Death to lose interest in him by making him Immortal).

  12. Hugh Jasssays:

    Hollywood is not going to make an NC-17 comic book movie. There’s no way you are going to get your ass raping scenes made.

    1. Rob Dotzlersays:

      If it was good enough for Deliverance, then why not for a comic based movie? They should absolutely stop referring to most of these movies, especially for something from a publisher such as Dark Horse. When they firs decided to do movies based on “Graphic Novels”, they should have made sure to distance themselves from comic books.

      As good as that first Batman was, they could have gone much darker with it but you just can’t alienate the $$$ that children bring. I went to the movies to see it, but I sure as hell didn’t bring my 7 year old daughter to it. If they would rate these movies appropriately, and film them accordingly, maybe we could FINALLY enjoy something exciting. For those parents stupid enough to ignore the ratings and bring their kids to such a movie, arrest them for child neglect. It’s that f*cking simple.

      If one of these Graphic novel companies would role the dice, have a studio make their films without compromise, I think that might make up for the losses to be expected by the kids not getting the tickets. I know I’d see a movie more that once if it kicked total ass. Back when I was in high school, for example, when Up In Smoke came out, I skipped half a day every week to watch it twice each week. Not that I was smoking pot back them, ahem… cough, cough….

      1. lakawaksays:

        Because Deliverance was made on the equivalent of about $10 million in today’s money. And they are not going to be making an action film for even one TENTH of that. So they must go for the money.
        Again..please understand that movies are made to make money. NOT to please people who will NEVER reproduce in their lives.

      2. Rob Dotzlersays:

        I guess sarcasm is something that resides outside of your wheelhouse. If you really thought I was comparing Deliverance to $100million + movie, well, maybe you’re the one who should start thinking against reproduction.

  13. Avid readersays:

    I am legend was not a good book, movie was so much better.

    1. Matt Khouriesays:

      You are the only person on the planet that thinks this. Matheson’s work is a classic. In another ten years, the Smith film will be just another crappy version.

  14. lolman123says:

    the mask was one of the best fucking movies ever even if it didnt stick to the comics

    1. Rob Dotzlersays:

      Yeah, I can’t give you an arrow down as entertainment is subjective, but I sure can’t get behind your opinion on that movie. First time I saw it, I was properly altered to best enjoy it and it left me flat, when I should have been laughing at just about anything. So I watched it again after it came out on dvd, I don’t recall a reaction over it other than “Why is Jim Carrey getting so many movies lately?”. Still, as long as it rocked for you and others, that’s good enough to have gotten a sequel… Eventually.

  15. AvP gave me Hulk level geekrage. I realize that movies can’t be shot for shot remakes of the comics (well except Sin CIty) but what in the name of Odin’s saggy left nut were they thinking!

    “Hey we have a chance to bring in Humans in space and Colonial Marines if there’s a sequel . . . buuuuuut let’s set it a few hundred years before the first alien movie. Oh! And we’ll set it on Earth to!”

    ” Say Jenkins, you know what else would be good? Let’s tone it all down for the kids and take away everything interesting about the main characters by making them dull caricatures of what they could be in the hands of a competent director who would know how to light and shoot a horror movie!”

    Such crap. Such pure, unadulterated, crap!

  16. Hamm3rtym3says:

    That person is no man, but a lady named lauren schuler donner i believe. Why is he called deadpool like carpool cause he has a bunch of powers? She has been behind every terribly shiity stray from source material decision that has been made on a lot of cbms since 2000

    1. TheOct8pussays:

      Mrs Donner (Richard Donner’s wife BTW) also produced Constantine and is producing the upcoming Deadpool movie, which is still in pre-production.

      1. Jamessays:

        The Deadpool movie has been in development hell since around 2001, when Deadpool’s original fanbase bought enough comics & merch to send the message to the studio that we wanted a Wade Wilson movie. Hopefully Daniel Way stays far from scriptwriting because he singlehandedly ruined the character. They should build a story out of elements from the original comic series from the 90s & the two miniseries, and forget that Way’s pathetic version of Deadpool even exists. Way brings ZERO character development, and seems to have read a short synopsis of Deadpool prior to writing the character.

  17. saymekiansays:

    You did not throw your drink. You probably didn’t even walk out. You just bitched and moaned like everyone else afterwards.

    1. theneckslevelsays:

      lol, he’s just embellishing

      1. Kirkwood Conklin Haribrechtsays:

        Apparently no one knows what embellishing is anymore

  18. Balursays:

    The fact that Steel isn’t on this list makes me sad.

    1. J Lsays:

      I’ll second that one. Holy hell that was horrible.

  19. Raphsays:

    Also let’s not forget the character in the “Wanted” comic book that was a pile of
    excrement… but not just ordinary excrement but the excrement of 666 of the
    most evil people down through history…. Hitler, Genghis, etc…. maybe they did not want to portray this since Affleck and Damon’s “Dogma” had already done
    something similar with the ‘Golgotha Shit Monster’…

  20. Matchsticksays:

    Why does Hollywood mess up stories that have already been written and produced well, when all they have to do is follow what’s already worked?
    … Cocaine is a helluva drug, man.

    1. lakawaksays:

      Possibly because the vast majority of the time, the changes make them IMMENSELY more profitable? The sooner you accept that people don’t care about pleasing you the better. The social outcast virgin nerd demographic is not big enough to cater to.

      1. Mitchsays:

        The only social outcast virgin nerd on here is you, you gigantic troll.

  21. Skrub Tresays:

    A lot of mention of rape in this article…

    1. lakawaksays:

      Which is disgusting and immature. Or basically, the reason why this idiot “writes” for a blog and doesn’t actually earn a living with his writing.

  22. Romeo Garciasays:

    I have to be honest and say that i have all this movies in DVD (except The Mask) but i have to say in favor of this movies that are very entertainment and in some cases great….I mean one of the things i hate of Wolverine:Origins is the “QUICK” telling of the story of WEAPON X (Witch i think at least you need half and hour to tell that story) but if you see this movies outside the comics are based..in most cases are really great…

  23. Rizzysays:

    Whoever the fuck greenlights all films should go through a strict “follow the comics” rule or you can’t use it. I can list more than 1000 inaccuracies throughout all marvel and dc films, I’m not that familiar with dark horse. It pisses me off when they mess with it, if there’s nothing wrong with it don’t fix it. Kevin Feige himself said its “our universe” meaning they can do whatever they please smh. You also need to add the new FF movie the Human Torch is black -.- (nothing against Michael B Jordan)

    1. Zachary "Crash" Ronsonsays:

      You know, a lot of this stuff wouldn’t translate well over to a movie so a lot of directors/writers/etc have to adapt pragmatically. Comic books and films are not the same medium at all.

      I wish people would learn this.

      1. Rizzysays:

        Obviously some things have to be altered but not shit all over like recent marvel films, it doesn’t make them bad it just makes them look dumb. Take batman and robin for example that film was terrible, the villains had cheesy origins and batgirl wasnt even batgirl she was Alfred’s niece.

      2. J Lsays:

        I think the only thing in recent Marvel movies I’ve nerdraged on was The Mandarin. I was a HUGE Iron Man fan when I was growing up, and have loved the castings – but what they did to Mandarin was pure crap.

        I actually don’t mind the rewrite on some of the others, Winter Soldier included – have to accept that in a 2-3 hour movie they can’t go as detailed and backstory as a 2-3 year story arc. Yes, they rewrote things – but as it’s Marvel, and they’ve rewritten things in their own comics half a dozen times already, this is just a different “universe” to me.

        But for gods sake, why did you shit all over the Mandarin, Marvel!?!?!

      3. Danielsays:

        I don’t remember anyone complaining when Liam Neeson turned out to be Ra’s Al Ghul instead of Ken Wantanabe.

        I thought the Mandarin twist was well executed, although a small part of me wanted it to be Ben Kingsley.

      4. J Lsays:

        I think I would have had less issue if he had ACTUALLY been a terrorist. Even if he was funded and answering to the main baddie. But the fact they reduced him to an actor, that they took this great character that was a thorn in Iron Man’s side for decades and reduced him to a caricature – that’s what upset me most.

      5. Danielsays:

        Agreed to all points. Hope they do Mandarin right whenever they reboot Iron Man

      6. lakawaksays:

        It makes them POPULAR as opposed to something that only social outcasts who have never seen a woman naked except on their computers would like.
        Again…realize…there is not a single person on this planet who would want your life. No one will ever say to themselves…I wish I was more like Rizzy. You are what people call a JOKE. You are the kind of person that people see and say “You know…my life ain’t so bad after all…at least I’m not Rizzy.” So get over yourself. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean they should change it.

      7. Rizzysays:

        You my friend are an idiot, yeah my room is full of marvel and dc memorabilia but none of my exes seemed to care and I could give a fuck less about your opinion. I guess you’re just another puppet fed what Hollywood wants you to like.

      8. HHHsays:

        Lakawak sounds like a virgin for life. Geek culture is already very popular, using that dated social outcast nonsense is hilarious. Go die in a fire.

    2. docsays:

      A young Xavier foiled an invasion by an alien named Lucifer, who dropped a huge boulder on Xavier causing him to lose the use of his legs. Brilliant. So much better than the way First Class handled it.

      1. Rizzysays:

        You do have a point there lol but I mean black human torch and electro, Harry Osborne as green goblin before Norman, the Mandarin, Whiplash ?, X-Men ages, Deathlok, etc. Why mess with it and confuse people ?

      2. docsays:

        You want to confuse people, try to explain the different continuities in the comics (Earth 616, The Ultimates, The New 52, anything X-Men, etc). Only comic book guys or people familiar with the comics care about such things. The majority of the movie going audience didn’t even know Bucky was The Winter Soldier until Cap said it in the movie. And why does it matter that Electro is black? Daredevil wasn’t very good, but Michael Clarke Duncan was perfect casting as The Kingpin. You can nitpick all day long but some changes work and others don’t.

      3. Rizzysays:

        This debate can go on forever we both have our defensive points but they can use the most traditional used material that won’t give the comic book fans (like myself) a sour taste in their mouths lol

      4. J Lsays:

        I’m one of those few that liked Daredevil – it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible. And fwiw, I LOVED MCD as Kingpin – initial casting I was like many others, because the Kingpin, unlike some other characters, was ALWAYS a giant white guy – but he absolutely killed it. I personally think they should get him back for the Netflix series.

      5. docsays:

        That would be great but unfortunately he died in September 2012. RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

      6. J Lsays:

        Ah crap I forgot about that. 🙁

      7. J Lsays:

        I will have to agree on that – what Fox and Sony have done with the Marvel franchises they have rights to have been nothing short of appalling. F4 was a caricature, f4 2 had no idea where it was going and reduced one of the greatest big bads to a friggin cloud, First X-Men was oak if not watered down, but where they went in 2 and 3 was just goddamn awful. (And I’ll admit I didn’t see First Class, after X3 I swore I wouldn’t watch another X-Men movie until Marvel owned it again.)

        And don’t get me started on Spidy – or more specifically SpiderMan 3… ho-lee-….

      8. docsays:

        Then you will never see an X-Men movie in your life time. Check out First Class. It’s pretty good.

      9. J Lsays:

        I probably will eventually. My wife got me to watch XO:Wolverine and I was disappointed, but it was at least better than X3. The fact Singer said he’s not restarting, merely using DFP to “kinda” retcon X3 is the admission I was looking for that they screwed up the plan on that one.

      10. Rizzysays:

        See this guy knows what he’s talking about

    3. Micah 李 文 Jungsays:

      in our dream world and yeah Torch is white not black

      1. Rizzysays:

        Even will smith turned down superman once because he himself said superman is white

  24. Rigidmansays:

    They don’t just screw up comics to movies, but books too, like every Steven King book, then there’s first blood, and the list goes on far too long to rage about here. I can understand not killing off a hero for sequels, or making an anti hero a little more hero like, but when they go so far out of the realm of what the story is based on that it loses everything the people love about the comic/book, the very reasons behind their success, the reasons why we lose our minds blankly staring and drooling until the release of the next issue, is completely foriegn to them. They can’t comprehend why we like this or that. They see an issue and think it needs to be “fixed” or dumbed down, or made pg 13 because only kids are going to be watching. They’re making the same mistakes they made when comics were stil very young. Hopefully someone will get it and understand soon. But until then we keep going to the theaters, we keep hoping maybe they’ll get it right this time. If we started staying at home waiting for it to come on cable maybe they’d get the frickin point and stop screwen with our heros/anti heroes and their stories. If we keep buying the tickets they’re gonna keep sticking it to us. I say boycott’em till it hurts.

    1. lakawaksays:

      Maybe you should accept the fact that there is not one single person on this planet who thinks like you? In fact, no one WANTS to be like you in any way. Not even you. 99.999999999% of the people on the planet would kill themselves the second they realized that they had you life. Just as you consider doing every morning when you wake up and realize that unfortunately, you didn’t die during the night.
      They are not making these movies for one pathetic social outcast virgin like you.

      1. Rigidmansays:

        I guess you didn’t read the story or the headline “6 Comic Book Movies That Clearly Didn’t Read Their Source Material”. If you had an IQ larger than a single digit you would understand what I meant and my attempt to be humorous (Means to be funny). For you I will put it in terms you can understand, They don’t read or care about the public enough to make the movies resemble the actual stories they came from. Can your simple mind get that? I would have said “comprehend (to understand) that” but I don’t think you could spell it or understand such a big word since you can’t understand simple english as your post clearly shows. If your going to try and intimidate (means to frighten) someone do it to someone that has a lower IQ than you.

      2. lakawak loves cumsays:

        You sound like a massive jizzbucket. Get AIDS & DIE.

  25. coalmindssays:

    AVP is the worst thing on that list. Ugh I paid for that opening night. I was so excited lol

  26. coalmindssays:

    I wish they would adapt Bloodlust faithfully.

  27. Noneofyourbusinesssays:

    The movie didn’t even get the pronunciation of the name Constantine right.

  28. Beaux Guerinsays:

    There should be two directors on a Deadpool movie. The first is Robert Rodriguez I think a lot of the action scenes he’s done in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Machete, etc would suit Deadpool so perfectly. Like the intestines swing thing. And in director chair number 2? (Don’t kill me on this one) Edgar Wright! I think his knack for comedy and use of dynamic camera moves would suit deadpool so perfectly. If only I was a rich guy and could just make it happen. And and last but not least it has to be RATED R!!! Anybody with me on this?

    1. ChristopherWardsays:

      Deadpool doesn’t have to be rated R. He’s CCA approved and works in the Marvel comics.
      But they do need someone who understands how to combine comedy (such as breaking the 4th wall) as well as spectacular, sometimes unbelievable, action. Ooh…I think I just described Joss Whedon.

      1. Beaux Guerinsays:

        I have reasons. When Deadpool has been animated or live action in anything less than a Mature rating, he’s been made into two different forms so far. The first being a Frankenstein with Wolverine style retractable arm katanas and no mouth.. And the other being Michelangelo the ninja turtle in Deadpool’s clothes. The game so far is the only thing that’s been close and it has a Mature rating. Reason number two being there has to be a certain amount of blood spatter and gun shots. Deadpool isn’t Spiderman afterall, people actually die, often gruesomely. And don’t forget the boobage And that’s an automatic R. And lastly, Joss Whedon can’t do everything. We all love the guy but he’s not Multiple Man. And if you’re a big fan of his work you should watch Edgar Wright’s series Spaced. I think you’ll enjoy it. And Wright is already on the Marvel roster since he’s working on Ant Man. So, check out Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and the rest in the “Blood and Ice Cream” trilogy, hell even Scott Pilgrim and I think you’d agree with me (on the comedy part at least). As far as action goes. I think Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Sin City are evidence enough. But in reality, we all know that we’ll never see a Wright and Rodriguez team up on a Deadpool movie. But a guy can dream…

      2. Fan of Deadpool from day one.says:

        The Deadpool game was terrible. Sure, the action was good, but the three inner voices is a retarded concept. Way created that horrible concept, in place of actually doing character development so he can have an adhd version of Deadpool. Sorry, but the Joe Kelly run from the 90s was 100x better, and it actually gave Deadpool a backstory, his own villains, and gave an explanation of why he is insane. His terminal cancer ruined his face & body, and his Weapon X treatments drove him insane. He uses humor to keep people from getting close to him & try to mask his torment at the cure being worse than what it was trying to cure. The original Deadpool series presented the best version of the character, the current version is a slave to terrible writers who just want to make dick jokes & don’t understand that yo can create an insane character without giving them idiotic thought bubbles by making their actions insane. Old school Deadpool would just use a shoryuken from street fighter as an offensive move & make reference to it to show his insanity, new deadpool would have an inner character speech about street fighter & chimichangas. But what do I know, I’ve only been following the character since his first appearance in New Mutants, and bought all the issues of Deadpool when they came out way back in the day.

      3. Dezesays:

        Marvel hasn’t been associated with the Comic’s Code Authority in well over a decade…

      4. ChristopherWardsays:

        True. I looked into it and they dropped out in 01. The first to abandon that sinking ship.
        But my point remains. When they were still with the CCA, they still created Deadpool, he was still extremely popular, and it still worked.

      5. Joe Kerrsays:

        Joss Wheddon is a hack when it comes to action.

      6. ChristopherWardsays:

        Right…because that’s the one thing he’s consistently failed at. Action. It never shows up in any of his stuff, and is horrible when it does.
        Oh wait…no…just the opposite of that.

  29. you are HOMOgonizedsays:

    What a shock a dweeby blogger wants to see mr hyde rape the invisible man to death.

    1. Joeysays:

      Yeah, I was thinking that myself, also a truly awful writer.

    2. Jamessays:

      Well, it was the main part of revenge against the Invisible Man, who used his powers to rape women. In the comic he rapes Pollyanna before he is recruited in the LoEG. Invisible Man tries to rape Mina in the comic, and Hyde finds out about it. Hyde then decides to do to him what he has done to numerous women. You clearly never actually read the comic series.

    3. Zidersays:

      Uh, I don’t think he wants to actually see that particular event, but rather used it as an example of how bland the movie is compared to the comic.

  30. Joeysays:

    Wanted was good, it was loosely based on the graphic novel and it made no allusions to the main character in the film being a superhero. In fact, in the GN he was a super villain. You’re also a horrible writer.

    1. Wanted Comic Fansays:

      No, Wanted was shit. It wasn’t even close to being loosely based on the comic. The only similarities are the character names & the fact that the main character was the son of an assassin. And its a comic, not a graphic novel.

  31. zachsays:

    What do you mean Watchmen was bad through comic readers eyes even Alan Morre enjoyed it. Look at V for vendetta that movie was shit.

    1. Alan Moore didn’t enjoy the Watchmen movie, he didn’t even watch it. He has NEVER claimed to watch it, and you are a flat out liar for saying so. The man sued over the studio claiming that he loved the adaptation.

  32. Guestsays:

    Alan Moore*, not Allen. What kind of comic book movie critic can’t get names right?

  33. Pani Bsays:

    20th Century Fox should never be allowed to touch comic book films

    1. Micah 李 文 Jungsays:

      what about the directors! X-men the very first movie was good:

      1. Pani Bsays:

        Synger has a lot of pull so there isn’t a lot of interference from Schuler donner (the moron producer ruining fox owned properties) The minute the producers pull their weight around you end up with shit like x3, wolverine, F4, Daredevil etc

      2. ChristopherWardsays:

        It was? Seriously? In comparison to the other 2, absolutely. Compared to a good comic movie? Not even remotely. It was terrible in nearly every way. Dated effects, as in effects that looked dated the year it came out. The script sucked all kinds of ass. And let’s not even get into how thoroughly it refused to even glance at the source material. Heck, even the travesty that was Daredevil stayed truer to the source.

      3. otaku1983says:

        X-Men 1. Was the first good comic book adaptation I had seen.
        Most movies now and days are good visually but fail in character development like the first X-Men

      4. Mike Bannwartsays:

        not really. it was Wolverine the origins and a bunch of made up shit and revamping the xmen universe for no reason. (yes yes i know but x-men was really Wolverine and the X-men 1,2, and 3

    2. lakawaksays:

      that’s true. Becuae if YOU don’t like it, then no one would!

  34. leftysrevengesays:

    Took the time to scrub out ass fucking, while speaking about ass fucking.

    1. Matt Khouriesays:

      thought that was a nice touch myself lol

  35. Micah 李 文 Jungsays:

    you should also include Harry Potter Percy Jackson Darran Shan too since they were destoryed too the Potter heads keep saying everything was in the movies that were in the books but they slaughtered the books and to add insult to injury Rowling puts in Shurken heads Demelza a charity she runs and it likes a fanfiction

    1. Danielsays:

      Don’t forget the Eragon movie. Still sends shivers down my spine…..


    I read pretty much all the comments on here, and some of you make some interesting points, but what none of you take into consideration, is that this is a business. First and foremost, and if it does not make money, then it does not make sense. Adding all of the colorful things you would like, or keeping a story so close to the original means the rating goes to a level where less people are prone to see it, and we all know less people will tend to take the family to see an R rated movie. The action / superhero genre has a bad rap already, and if one wanted to introduce a decent comic book idea via visual medium to the masses, it simply will not get funded if the only anticipated return on investment will be a small group of people who were into that niche when it was a comic. That small group may be upset, but the larger movie going group who didn’t know about or read the comic is now introduced to the characters, and are more likely to watch any sequels. Complain as you may, but if you don’t make films for a living, or know what this costs to put this out on a global scale, or what’s involved to really do this from concept to silver screen, then one really has no leg to stand on in the complaint department. The pie has to be split too many ways, and as much as we love to tell stories, this is not independent film making. Personally, even though I knew the characters of all the mentioned movies from their comics, I enjoyed the movies, a few of which I would watch again. There is always room for a remake, if it can get funded.

  37. frabnsays:

    AvP being PG-13 was only one small part of EVERYTHING that was wrong with that…filth. The entire production crew, writers and directorial team should all be eviscerated alive and left to die a slow death on a crucifix out in a field somewhere.

  38. MimiJamessays:

    As a Victorian and steampunk fan, I really enjoyed the first book of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But I quit after finishing the second. I love the main characters from their original novels, so I felt a lot of their integrity was lost with the second comic. I had no problem with the movie, because to be honest, a little bit of the character was restored from what they use to be known as. I mean, really, when Hyde rapes the Invisible Man and kills him was a bit too much. The second comic book was overreaching into vulgar, and while that may be why some fans like it others don’t. And another, the author of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen you can say was using artistic freedom, but you can’t shake a finger at the film company when you consider the characters don’t belong to either of them in the first place. They belong to Bram Stoker, Jules Verne, Oscar Wilde, H.G. Wells, Sir Henry Doyle, and other authors of the Victorian era. So boohoo on your parade of “rape”, tell that to the poor writers rolling over in their graves!

    1. COMALite Jsays:

      Reminds me of a feud that went on in the 90s with two comics writers each doing a series based on a grown-up Dorothy Gale and darker versions of her famous Yellow Brick Road companions and others from Oz (I think one of them had her and her friends as a government agency team called — I kid you not — “Gale Force”). Each accused the other of ripping him off, both completely ignoring how they were ripping Frank L. Baum off.

      Yes, it’s Public Domain. That makes it legal to do stuff like that. It doesn’t make it right.

      That said, I agree that the first League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series was pretty clever, especially the period touches outside of the story itself such as the ad pages with woodcut drawings of typical Victorian-era merchandise, the Letters to the Editor that were answered the way a stereotypical editor of a Victorian-era “picture periodical” editor might answer them (e.g. a letter from a female fan was answered condescendingly reproving one of the “fairer sex” from indulging in entertainment intended only for males) — even the term “picture periodical” instead of “comic book.”

  39. Buttstalkersays:

    Everyone is pussies nowadays. I’m sure back in the 80s not many families went to see Robocop. But nowadays he’s still insanely popular and a pop culture icon. So WHY did the remake feel the need to water it down, knowing full well the majority of the audience knew the real deal from 30 years ago?

    1. lakawaksays:

      Because virtually every movie in the top 25 all time is PG-13, maybe?
      I am not sure what part of “movies are a business” that you don’t understand, but that is exactly what they are.

      1. Dustin Fussysays:

        What part of “movies are a business” do you not understand? They took an already successful movie, watered it down, and it bombed. How the fuck is that good business in any way?

  40. lakawaksays:

    Yeah..they should really stay true to the originals so that the 100 people who read it will be happy. And that is just 100 tickets sold. It isn’t like you have any dates to take with you.

    1. Rizzysays:

      This guy makes me laugh. 100. 100 ? You’re so stupid if it wasnt for the millions that bought and read them you wouldn’t see all these films. Don’t get me wrong i like most of the films, I guess you thought I meant I didn’t like them I just said I despised how they tarnish even the simplest characters and storylines.

  41. Rodolfosays:

    Nolan’s Batman trilogy conveniently forgot he was the World’s Greatest Detective……

    1. John Snósays:

      Please shut up and die.

      1. OhSnapsays:

        He did do some impressive things in Nolan’s films, especially BB and TDK. But I feel like Rodolfo’s beef was more TDKR (at least, mine was), when Batman failed to do simple background checks on his MAID (Selina Kyle, with her criminal theft history, in the Wayne household???), and BOARD MEMBER (Miranda Tate is Talia Al Ghul, whoops). Not to mention that John Blake made him as Bruce/Batman in like, the first half hour. There just wasn’t any finesse in TDKR.

      2. Jeremy Rawlinssays:

        Selena was not his maid but she was working for the caterers who were working at the event being held at his house. In the movies he had no idea Ras had any children at all let alone a daughter. I don’t recall seeing any kids running around the temple in Batman Begins….

      3. Mark Westleysays:

        That’s because she shunned him, then wanted vengence once he’d died

      4. Guestsays:

        I second that.

    2. Mark Westleysays:

      Yeah it’s not like he used radioactive marked bills to trace mafia laundering, got a fingerprint off a shattered bullet, turned gothams phones into radar to trace where the joker was.

      1. argentubansays:

        Nevermind the investigations he made into backgrounds, bank accounts, etc.

      2. MychaelDarklightersays:

        The first and third things aren’t really detective work, nor are they completely Bruce’s work.
        I’ll give you the bullet, but in that case it’s a pretty half-hearted attempt to establish one of the character’s most essential traits.

    3. argentubansays:

      Because all of the scientific evidence he collected and analyzed and banking account analysis he did was what….? You must be trolling.

    4. James M. Fabianosays:

      Nor did Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher, actually.

    5. James M. Fabianosays:

      …and that he could speak perfect, intelligible English 🙂 🙂

    6. Logicsays:

      Not the version I have. He does lots of detecting in it.

  42. beane2099says:

    There’s a lot wrong with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Leaving out that rape scene was not one of them. And not ending Wanted with Eminem talking about doing unseemly things to my keister was probably a good choice as well. For me lack of rape and rape related imagery in a movie is just fine.

    On a different note. What was done to Deadpool was unconscionable. It was stupid on so many levels. How is he supposed to bend his arms when those swords are retracted?

    1. Enrisays:

      Well, if you know the story, adamantium is liquid when inside the body and only becomes solid when in contact with air, so it doesn’t really make a difference if you have claws, a sword or a 20 foot metal dildo coming out of your hands

      1. COMALite Jsays:

        Adamantium is not liquid inside the body, at least not in any of the comics I’ve read. If it were, Woverine’s bones would be kinda soft, now, wouldn’t they?

        Adamantium is liquid when first made. If it hardens, it cannot ever be melted again, nor change its shape without direct molecular manipulation. It has to be cast into its desired shape correctly the first time, because you don’t get a second chance.

        Of course, since adamantium doesn’t really exist, all this is moot. (At least it doesn’t violate real-world physics quite as much as vibranium.)

      2. beane2099says:

        I do know the story. I don’t think you do though. That is not how this fictitious material works. As Stryker said in X2 “once it cools its invulnerable” which implies unbreakable and likely not very bendable. Plus if it was liquid inside the body why were they looking at a metallic skeleton in X1 when they looked at Wolverine’s Xray? Why does Wolverine’s skull go *klank* when he headbuts someone? And I’m just going by what they’ve shown in the movies. In the comics it definitely doesn’t work that way. Mind you I don’t care too much about this topic but if you’re going to correct someone at least google the topic first to make sure you’ve got it right. I do and frankly that’s saved me some embarrassment. Cause sometimes I don’t get things right either. Not this time though. But you’re thinking and I like that. I enjoy debates even about things like the physical properties of fictitious metals from comic books. Especially that.

      3. otaku1983says:

        Adamantium has a liquid for. But once it solidifies then it’s permanent and becomes near indestructible. I don’t know where you get your info from. But it never turns liquid when inside the body. You must have read the one wolverine/x-man comic that I have never heard of or read.

    2. Leon Evelakesays:

      I think with wanted there is something a bit more messed up about taking a story about a horribly evil serial rapist and turning in into a sanitized power fantasy version of itself. With that one I dont think his point was that the movie would be better with all that but that given the story it should never have been adapted at all.

    3. Logicsays:

      Not me. The rape scene in League should have not been tampered with. Rape is good and esp in comics.

  43. Terrificsays:

    The main thing I learned from this article was how terrified the author is of anal sex.

    1. Logicsays:

      Everyone should be scared of it. It can maim and/or kill you if you’re unlucky. That, plus it’s disgusting.

      1. Jack Lewissays:

        Live in fear then.

  44. Frogstarsays:

    The only reason I’m posting a comment here is because of the infuriating marquis (Whatever) ad banner at the bottom of the page that the creators of this site created. It is VERY, VERY annoying and they should seriously consider removing it!

  45. Said Atalasays:

    Who is “Allen” Moore?

  46. wrath_of_fettsays:

    AVP was not based on the Dark Horse comic, though writer/director Paul Anderson is a big fan of that run. He put a couple little easter eggs in there, but it was not based on the comic. You’ll note that FOX named the film “Alien Vs. Predator” instead of “Aliens vs. Predator” to avoid any copyright issues.

  47. wrath_of_fettsays:

    Apparently the main reason The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a bad film is because a character wasn’t raped to death in it. Yeah they “missed the point” with that one.

    1. Kennysays:

      One of the biggest character points of the Invisible Man was that he was a rapist. Go actually read the comic prior to spouting off so you look like less of a douche.

      1. wrath_of_fettsays:

        So you are contending that the film would have been a box office bonanza if a character was raped to death in it? And you’re calling ME a douche?

      2. bfg666says:

        Who said anything about box office? You’re right, douche isn’t the right word. Try moron.

        Anyway. At the time of the movie, I hadn’t read the comic yet so I had no preconceived ideas based on the printed version. Yet the movie was lame. Then I got acquainted with Moore’s work so I decided to give the comic a chance.

        Needless to say that it rocked all kinds of awesome, but specifically and in retrospect, yes, the Invisible Man’s rapist personality was an essential part of the character in the comics and him getting what he deserved by a hulking Hyde (I imagine his, uh, tool, would also be a size XXXXL) was important storywise.

  48. wrath_of_fettsays:

    Yes The Mask would have been so much better if Jim Carrey was a serial killer in it. *facepalm*

    1. Jamessays:

      Actually it would have been since it was THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE COMIC CHARACTER. The mask fulfills people’s darkest wishes, and does whatever it wants to whomever it comes into contact with, making the wearer feel powerful, and feel like they need it to exist. The character with the mask on was called “Big Head” in the comics, and not given a name in the movie. Stanley Ipkiss was also only in the first Mask story, told in Darkhorse Comics Presents, and collected as The Mask issue #0. Stanley’s girlfriend is the wearer of the mask in the actual first series, as Stanley was shot to death at the very end of Mask #0. The Mask was always a serial killer, it was the main thing with the character. Its a shame that you don’t know a damned thing about the character.

    2. drdvdplayerhandbooksays:

      Have you read the comic books? Look, just hunt down Lobo vs The Mask, and thank me later.

  49. Stiffysays:

    Uhh hate to point out when a writer is wrong, but in Constantine he does trick the devil “Lou” into removing his cancer. When he commits suicide to get the girl out of hell and save her sister from dying. He’s going to heaven for ultimate sacrifice. Lou wraps his arms around him and sticks his hands through the chest cavity into his lungs where he removes two HUGE black gooey masses. I’m pretttttty sure those are cancer and no longer in his body.

    1. It's funny because of pandassays:

      Dude didn’t say Constantine didn’t trick the devil in the movie. Dude said the movie version of it was bland. Subtle difference.

  50. marcsays:

    Enjoyed this article and for the very most part agree with the views expressed. I’d love to write for something like this, so much freedom it seems awesome; and I was in like the 6th grade when AVP came out I practically jizzed my pants when I heard about it. It didn’t let me down……much.

  51. Brian Stewartsays:

    How do they not include Green Lantern in this list. Hal Jordan does battle with Parallax?!?! Hal Jordan was Parallax…how do you [email protected]#% that up?

    1. Philip Jamessays:

      Jordan being Parallax was an incredibly stupid part of the comic. I’m glad they changed that, although it couldn’t save the movie. Should’ve left it out completely, but I’m sure it still wouldn’t have been enough.

  52. Nicholas Stephenssays:

    As far as Allen Moore comics are concerned I do agree with the fact that most of the movie adaptations were horrible, however I will disagree on one. Watchmen was an amazing film and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who undeestands Moore’s material better than Zack Snyder. Granted it wasn’t an exact adaptation, but if it was then your talkin about a five hour long movie. Most comic book creators actually tell the directors of adaptations to run with their own ideas because exact adaptations have failed miserably in the past countless times. The Wachowski brothers took an amazing story with V for Vendetta and made it ten times better with even more underlined themes. If you want exact adaptations then maybe you should start directing your own feature length comic films and watch them flop just like Feank Miller did when he released The Spirit. It just goes to show; it’s easy to criticize from an audience seat.

    1. drdvdplayerhandbooksays:

      “you’d be hard pressed to find someone who undeestands Moore’s material better than Zack Snyder”

      Paul Dini. Watch the Justice League Unlimited adaptation of his story “For The Man Who Has Everything”. It was brilliant, and it actually improved on the story.

      Also, about The Spirit, that’s far from an exact adaptation. Frank Miller is just assaulting the work of The Spirit’s original writer, Will Eisner, by turning it into a Millerism.

  53. Aaron Kingsays:

    You may be right about the movies on this list but you’re an awful writer. Here’s a tip, you want as many people as possible to read your article leave out the multiple rape jokes, mildly homophobic ‘ass-fucking’ comments and just write like a person. Expand your vocabulary and refrain from using ‘fucking’ every other word, or don’t write articles for the internet. Simple.

    1. Philip Jamessays:

      Amen. He almost immediately struck me as a 37-going-on-13 year old writer in his mother’s basement, mad at the world.

      1. carolsdavissays:

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      3. Shawn Scottsays:

        Amen. I was going to say the same. That is, I was going to say you seem like a 37 going on 13 year old. Why don’t you grow up and offer some constructive criticism instead of jumping on someone else’s comments and trying to make a person brave enough to put their work out there feel like crap. How about you post some links to some articles YOU wrote and let us critique them. Yeah, i didnt think so.

      4. thorlo6says:

        Shawn you took the words right out of my mouth. Although you and the others got the age comparison wrong, he isn’t 37 going on 13, that is too old, he is 37 going on 5! He doesn’t know how to speak in polite company without swearing and cursing.

    2. Xman97says:

      Exactly what I was going to reply. He seems to think that rape sells movie tickets. But more disturbing is his fascination with it in comic book form. I was expecting a well thought out case of Hollywood screwing up source material, not a momma’s boy rant about not getting to see his comic book rape scenes portrayed with real people.

      1. Keyser Sozesays:

        I think whats even more disturbing is how obsessed with rape all these comic book writers themselves seem to be.

      2. MychaelDarklightersays:

        Well, two books isn’t exactly evidence of a trend.

      3. cearasays:

        It’s much more than two books, which is why there are many comics I don’t read.

      4. Tiger Blamsays:

        I can never understand an attitude like yours. Rape happens in real life, and so it should also be represented in comics and film. By removing this element from the movie adaptations, the films suffer tremendously. The villains become less villainous, and the hero’s motives are sabotaged as we have less reason to cheer for him to get the villain. Ironically, this is the filmmakers spitting in the face of the audience and RAPING the story.

        What’s really disturbing is PG-13 violence where the badguys are never really bad, and people are killed in the most horrible ways, but never sheds a drop of blood. Instead of protecting the young audience against violence, PG-13 teaches kids that villains are cool and violence is nothing to be afraid of.

        If you want to teach kids that violence and rape is bad, they need to see Cannibal Holocaust, Irreversible and I spit on your Grave.

      5. Eric Malcolmsays:

        That being said if a child doesn’t understand the context of what they’re seeing it can be horribly detrimental and teach them the very things you bring up.

        I also don’t think its fair to hate on the author like this. His point wasn’t the actions themselves but the tone and shock they create, which was not captured and thus is the issue at hand.

      6. cearasays:

        If you let your kids see those movies, then someone should call child services.

      7. lukesays:

        Grow a set of balls you women.

      8. Camila Bobeasays:

        It’s a thing to use rape as a storytelling device and then another to use it poorly and all the time because it makes the situation feel as if it’s not a big deal. That it happens in real life doesn’t mean it’s suddenly right to put it in every form of media just for the sake of being “edgy”.

      9. ae13says:

        That is a ludicrous idea. Cannibal Holocaust, Irreversible and I spit on your Grave are some of the most irredeemably bad movies.

        To suggest that any child needs to be exposed to such pointlessly violent movies is sign of a very disturbed mind.

        People go to movies to escape real life and be entertained. Watching a rape scene can be in no way regarded as entertainment or as a “teaching moment,” particularly for children.
        Sorry your life sucks, but that’s no reason our movies should suck too.

      10. Flaresays:

        Preaching that escapism is much better than accepting that rape is bad and suck it up. Sounds legit.

      11. Dart Vadesays:

        See I agree with you about lets reflect real life in stories. So what I have never understood is people bitching about there not being enough black people in movies or TV when they only makeup about 10 percent of the population and most live in dense urban areas like NYC and not many grow up in the country. So why is it people complain they arent seen enough? On avg they should be one black face out of 10 or so, then one black TV show out of 10. Heck BET entire lineup covers that percentage.

      12. thorlo6says:

        Dart you do not know what you are talking about. According to the 2010 census Blacks make up about 14-15% of the US population and they live all over the country not just big cities. As a matter of fact the majority race in Jackson, MS which is the capitol of my state, is black. Also, a lot of blacks do not like BET and refuse to watch it. So all around you are not stating true facts about anything.

    3. THANK YOU. I thought, “If I say something, I’m just going to be an overly sensitive woman who should ‘get past her victimhood’ if I say something as a survivor.” That whole first paragraph in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen bit was so unnecessary. And, I mean, I’ve READ Alan Moore comics and despite some of the grizzly subject matters involved, I’ve never been that affronted by it as I have been by this dickwad’s article.

      1. BB53says:

        “grizzly”???? Do you mean “grisly”???

    4. Jay Teesays:

      shut your whore mouth – its a type of humor – just because you dont get it doesn’t make it wrong, so to quote Mr. Garrison – YOU GO TO HELL, YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE

      1. Aaron Kingsays:

        This guy is no Trey or Matt. This isn’t the forum or context for this kind of ‘humor’ it just feels inappropriate and gross.

      2. lukesays:

        Not everyone wants to be like you. Just because you didn’t like his style of writing doesnt mean you deserve the right to criticize him. you don’t have to put other people down. Fuckity fuck fucking rape fuck

      3. Aaron Kingsays:

        Based on the number of up-votes and replies I’ve received, I’m thinking I’m not alone.

      4. LREKingsays:

        Because I don’t like his writing style is EXACTLY why I get to criticize it, you dumb ass. Unless an editor forced him to add all those rape references, the writer owns them.

      5. lukesays:

        I don’t believe I addressed you lreking, do not speak unless spoken too. You’re probably some wanna be writer who thinks he has knowledge. You in fact are the dumb ass, you ain’t no critic bitch. Your just some guy reading on an article about superheros. I mean this guy wrote about superheros and you will criticize his writing.. Lol

      6. Aaron Kingsays:

        Everyone has the right to criticize everyone.
        The article has been severely changed by the way, so I’m thinking even his editors agreed.

      7. bobsays:


      8. bespiredsays:

        if you dont define when then thats a rather stupid remark as we all die.

      9. Logicsays:

        No, you’re stupid.

    5. Carlton Fishersays:

      Complete agreement–just shows a lack of ability to write or to think of anything intelligent to say. You can’t “rape” a comic book, get “raped” by your phone bill or your electric company, or be “raped” by a Hollywood movie, and idiots like this guy need to stop thinking that something which has been a real and horrible reality for a tremendous portion of the population is something as trivial as having a film not follow the story of your favorite comic book. If the film adaptation left you with actual emotional scars for life and the inability to trust other people for a long term period of time, then you had issues going into it. (On an additional note, try dealing with adaptations of literary novels if you want to watch a source text go completely off the rails.)

      1. iHowlsays:

        Well, there’s actual physical rape and then there’s metaphorical rape. I know from the video game community (especially online) people use ‘rape’ to mean getting a one-sided domination. Raping a comic, I’m not sure of. I think he is to say that its essence was stripped down and taken from the source in what he perceives to be a vile manner. Yes, it’s poor vocabulary, but he’s not an idiot for saying how he feels. There are better words to use, but that’s just how he feels (not that I think he has ever experience real rape). I dunno if you do or you don’t understand the context that he uses his words, and I couldn’t give a damn if you think it’s wrong or right, but that’s how I understand his tone.

      2. Carlton Fishersays:

        I’m perfectly capable of understanding his “tone,” but he’s writing for an online community in a public forum under the auspices of a website, and his word choice is important–the article is filled with rape jokes, homophobic references, and sounds like it was written by a 12 year old who thinks he’s being cool. He’s not an idiot for saying how he feels–he’s an idiot for how he chooses to say it. “Metaphorical” rape is bullshit, and people have the right to be completely offended by it’s usage in this lame context. If he’s a writer (and I think his claim to that term is dubious at best), he should have some sense of how to write for and reach an actual audience. This kind of writing, with that rampant use of rape in the most juvenile sense possible, would be like describing every boss in a video game as a “Jew.” His writing is terrible and shows he has no sense of how to work in a journalistic medium, and the inclusion of this article here as is makes me question the judgement of whatever editorial forces are on this page as well.

      3. iHowlsays:

        I can’t say he’s an idiot cause I don’t know him. It doesn’t sound like you know him either. Perhaps he’s clueless, ignorant of public literature, or just not a great writer, but all writers have to start somewhere and maybe this is his start. This isn’t even a serious article, not part of a major publication or anything substantive. This article is a joke to me, and I don’t think this guy is gonna win any awards for it, so why serious? The less attention you give it, the less it occurs.

      4. Carlton Fishersays:

        No, it’s not a serious article, but this is why it’s worth commenting on: 1) The website should be aware of the standards of their readers. 2) If he plans on being a serious writer, he should hear the feedback on his writing, good and bad, especially when he does something this horrible in terms of quality. 3) Even an “unserious” article needs to be taken seriously by a writer in terms of reaching an audience and communicating a message. If he’s pissed a bunch of people off and they aren’t laughing, then he’s messed up his job and purpose, and seriously underestimated his audience. So, yes, this is why it gets commented on, even if the article is a piece of shit.

      5. iHowlsays:

        I guess so. Still doesn’t seem worth it.

      6. thorlo6says:

        Carlton you made reference to the gay term, “homophobia”. Which they love to use. They are using it out of context as to it’s true meaning, and that particular one that truly irritates me to no end. The correct wording should be homo hatred, homo detestation or some other term. But to say homophobia is to say that someone fears homosexuals. The only way I could have someone say I am homophobic, would for that gay person to be trying to kill or maim me, or a large group were trying to beat the heck out of me. Let’s try and use proper English.

      7. MychaelDarklightersays:

        Not defending the awful writing in general, but ‘rape’ in this context is obvious hyperbole, not meant literally.

    6. Keyser Sozesays:

      ‘Ass-fucking’ is gender neutral

      1. furrinasays:

        It is, but 90% of the time ass-fucking refers to men fucking men, not men fucking asses in general.

    7. LREKingsays:

      The content of the writing itself is not that bad, but it reads as if it were cynically aimed at, or created by, sexually frustrated teenage males.

      Any decent editor, unless he specifically wanted it in, should have taken the rape references out. They add nothing to the points being made, and make the writer sound like a butt-hurt little boy.

    8. Logicsays:

      Fuck you.

      1. Aaron Kingsays:

        I know, right?!

    9. Justin D.says:

      You got that right. It was painful getting through this piece. The author’s style was so juvenile that any point he made that might have been valid was rendered the opposite. The subject matter of the article might be made to appeal to teenage boys but that doesn’t mean this guy needed to write like one.

    10. Yeah man, I know you’re writting about how wrong is to water things down, but for your next articles, please water yourself down.

      (End of sarcasm)

      Also, no Dragon Ball Evolution?

      1. Aaron Kingsays:

        Hahaha they watered the article way down. You have to realize that when you’re trying to appeal to an audience, like a website does, you have to take into account public perception. EVERY successful business has done this. at the end of the day, making internet articles for fanboys IS a business .

  54. Jasonsays:

    How was The Watchmen raped? It was almost exactly the same as the comic.

    1. VDog19says:

      I have to agree with this one, there were only three notable changes from what I gathered. – They left out the comic that did all the forshadowing – They left out the information about the artists constructing the fake alien on the island – and they changed the scapegoat from interdimensional aliens to dr. manhattan/destroyed multiple cities with his “teleporter”/nukes. Otherwise the movie was spot on. They just realized that the majority of people would say ugh, what the fuck was that, if they put an alien in the center of new york and the whole world decided to call truce.

      1. Kyle A. Vaughnsays:

        they actually added the Black Freighter on the dvd release and you can watch it with the animated scenes interspersed throughout the movie. it makes the movie even better imo.

  55. More Ass Sexsays:

    Not enough anal rape in mainstream Hollywood movies at all anymore.
    Sad really…

  56. ideaman21says:

    Daredevil is the WORST adaptation in my opinion. Kid gets blinded, then turns into a ninja like Super Hero?!? Why doesn’t this happen to all kids that get blinded? Oh yeah, they don’t meat The Hand and get trained…. Funny, never saw that mentioned in the MOVIE?!?!?

    1. Danielsays:

      I found nothing wrong with DD, except the casting of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner. Although, I highly recommend the Director’s Cut over the original (SO MUCH BETTER)

      1. Xariassays:

        Director’s cut-so much better. This movie gets dogged way more than it deserves.

  57. Orpheus127says:

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was the biggest abomination. When the most interesting characters from the movie (Dorian Gray, Tom Sawyer) don’t even APPEAR in the comic, you know you’re in trouble. Also, to the writer, you overuse the word “fuck” and all it’s variations. There are other adjectives, verbs and nouns that would make for more effective writing. Not a prude, but overusing any word weakens the writing.

  58. You Snow Nothingsays:

    I am Legend has been made so many times, I have no problem with the WIll Smith version, although they should have stuck with the original ending they shot which maintained the original premiss of the source material.

  59. Bobsays:

    Constantine’s biggest crime was pronouncing its lead’s name wrong. Constantine, rhymes with ‘nine’, not ‘teen’.

  60. Pugironsays:

    You love Deadpool? Retarded moron with rpressed sexuality, Deadpool is a Rob Liefeld rip-off of Deathstroke. he sucks, he will always suck, and you suck in time with him.

  61. Jerry Jerrysays:

    Alien vs Predator are exactly like they should be. When the Predator grabbed the Alien by the throat and said “You lookin at me? I said Are You Looking at me?”, it brought more humanity to the character.

  62. Jerry Jerrysays:

    Aint never watched a war movie with a soldier have ya Remy? 1SG Jerry Jerry

  63. Jaysays:

    If you’re going to complain about not getting the source material right, it helps to have the actual facts, for example:

    It’s Alan Moore, not Allen Moore. The screenplay was written by then writer of Nicole Marchand, James Robinson, and was based on an early draft of Moore’s LoEG comic script. The comic was optioned before it was published, before DC bought Wildstorm, and was wrapped up in production issues before being released in 2003.

  64. Penny Marie Sautereausays:

    I can find many complaints about the LOEG movie. Leaving out a brutal and completely unnecessary rape scene written by a notoriously misanthropic asshole for no other reason than to be an exhibit A to show us how bad Hyde is in lieu of character development? Yeah, I can live with that.

    1. MychaelDarklightersays:

      Misanthropic..? Have you ever read any of his books..? The central theme of the MAJORITY of them is the exact opposite of misanthropy.
      I agree with your larger point, btw, it’s just you sound like you’ve missed the point of the books as well.

      1. Penny Marie Sautereausays:

        I’m not talking about his work when I say misanthropic, I’m talking about HIM.

      2. MychaelDarklightersays:

        Yeah, I know. And I’m saying a misanthrope wouldn’t write about those themes.

  65. Preetsays:

    Watchmen was probably best Alan Moore adaptation ever. Even though the ending was changed I think for the better. I think the only thing missing was the black freighter comic. V for Vendetta was great adaptation, but I agree with Moore it talked more about freedom then anarchy & fascism. Also the leader is abit generic and should have given him more character to show his obsession with his country that drove to create V in the first place.

    1. They made the Black Freighter as an animated movie, and it can be watched interspersed with the movie on the Director’s Cut.

      1. Preetsays:

        I didnt knw that. I want to check it out. Thanks

      2. Preetsays:

        I do have the Directors Cut. However that is on the new Ultimate edition hence why I never seen it integrated.

  66. Sayakusays:

    You want to talk about the ‘rape’ of a comic book series? Faust. That’s all I gotta say. The vomit they called a movie was not even close. Now they speak of doing Lobo, and considering what I’ve seen them do with the comics mentioned in the list and the above mentioned comic, I’m more than a little worried. And since the majority of you seem squeamish when it comes to sex and violence, and violent sex/rape, I don’t suggest anything by Vigil. His stuff is graphic, and that’s being nice. I agree with the guy and others about Deadpool. No mouth? Seriously? The guy ran it all the time, even when his head was cut off. They could at least pretend they read it.

  67. John Ilersays:

    Comic writers are the ones who have lost it, in my view. Killing cops and butt-f—ing people as a way of humiliating them is barbaric and horrendously vulgar. Whose hero would do things like that? One of my favorite movies is The Incredible Hulk (Ang Lee), who thoughtfully portrayed child abuse and cruelty as despicable and having long-term negative results.

    Today’s comics are sophomoric, and the Hulk not only has a head the size of a pea and a body like King Kong, he’s just not interesting. Thus, one could say that comic writers have ruined more characters and scripts by far than Hollywood! Look at the first couple of comics of The Hulk by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. You see the Hulk as a brooding monster that tears down anything that gets in his way — just a very strong misunderstood creature based on Hollywood’s adaptation of the Frankenstein monster. He can tear down a house in seconds, yet fit in a large overcoat and hide behind a hat (if people don’t look too closely). Now he fights and teams up with characters wearing spacesuits and skin-tight outfits!

    Rape, in my view, should NEVER be used in a story as an act of control, humiliation or revenge. It’s a savage, inhuman act that no one can admire. It’s worrisome that it can even have a place in comics. You certainly don’t see it in nineteenth or twentieth century literature. As for PG-13 ratings, keep the comics and their movies in this zone. We don’t need the vulgarity, the beastial acts (not to mention car chase scenes that have been worked to death). And if it’s rated R, it should be for sheer terror, like in JEEPERS CREEPERS. We certainly don’t need the F-word peppered throughout the scripts. When I see cleaned-up movies on daytime cable channels, they’re generally far superior to their originals where every other sentence begins, ends and has in the middle the F-word. No thanks.

  68. Pamela Brandvoldsays:

    They see a niche to fill and see opportunity. They see money. They don’t get the story line of the comics, But oh well no one will notice, after all they will produce a higher tech comic called Big screen or DVD land. WOW…don’t you just get all warm and fuzzy all over. No…neither do I. I like the art work, the stories, and the work that is produced from particular comics. I do not like having that changed. When a producer changes the characters and or their lines I wish the characters would put a freeze on the producer, or fly the whole enterprise that doesn’t get the concepts into space and leave them in a time suspension inter dimensional capsule and let them out in a thousand years.

  69. Adaptions by their very nature are going to have to change things, and often what works in one medium just won’t in another. ‘The Mask’ is an excellent film, and I feel like the makers of it did what they had to do. Incidentally, I’ve also read quite a bit of the original comics, and I could call myself a fan of them as well.

  70. korichneveygigantsays:

    as a big Batman fan, I know exactly how you feel about pretty much all the Batman movies, the first 2 nolan movies were better, but the others…

  71. John Taylorsays:

    This is one catagory that you could really put any comic book title under. Doesn’t fit what the director wants? It’ll change. Same goes for most books too. Best example there has to be Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. The movie resemmbeled the book in name only.

  72. I generally find the fans of deadpool to be quite similar to deadpool in some respects, like the absolute tools who dress as deadpool at comic cons and think it gives them a free license to be a complete asshole to everyone. I prefer deadpool without a voice, his personality is probably the most annoying in the entire comic book universe.

  73. JoeBsays:

    Ryan Reynolds was great as Wade Wilson but when he became “the Deadpool” as he’s known in the film it all went wrong and in regards to the league of extraordinary gentlemen The Invisible Man was a different character that “stole” the formula from the one who got raped to death

  74. Deku-Johnnysays:

    The problems with Wolverine were easily fixed for me, he’s a terrible character so I refused to go watch a film based on him, never had to put myself through the whole D-Pool rape.

  75. RJW202says:

    I never read the comic it was based on, but I liked Constantine. Conversely, I read The Watchmen and found the story to be ridiculous, the movie just reflected how bad the book was. It was a dumb story with a dumb conclusion, with bits and pieces of a good story in-between. The league of extraordinary gentlemen had one major aspect that I wish other “film makers” would employ. The Mr. Hyde makeup / special effects are infinitely better and more realistic than the animated characters in movies (i.e. the Hulk, Abomination, etc.) because there is a real character in the movie, not a cartoon inserted later. Too many directors are LAZY and use CGI when effects like how the Hyde character was portrayed would be better and make a more realistic movie! Are they making movies or cartoons – anyone with a discerning eye and a modicum of intelligence can plainly see the computer cartoon characters inserted into live action movies – it is distracting and cheapens the quality of the movie.

    1. bfg666says:

      Ridiculous, bad, dumb (twice)… The Watchmen… Seriously?! You find this masterpiece of comic book writing that bad? I wonder what you’d consider good, then…

      Also, there IS a real actor behind the CGI doing the mocap and I thought it pretty obvious that The Hulk’s face was based on his actor’s features. I was unfortunate enough to lay eyes on LOEG once and Hyde didn’t strike me as being any more realistic than Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. And my eye and intelligence are fine, thank you.

  76. You do realize that the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN screenplay was written by James Robinson, a very good comic book writer? I don’t think he missed anything on the source material; I think the studio just didn’t want to make that series into a movie and changed a lot of it. .

  77. Patrick Michaelsays:

    Not only did AVP not follow the story line of the comics, it also completely ignored the original Alien and Predator movies. LOEG may not have followed the comic well or at all, which actually might be better that it didn’t, that movie was hardly good in the first place.

  78. fuck google and androidsays:

    The main thing I learned from this comments is that white bois like dick

  79. Andrew Singletonsays:

    This entire article reeks of butthurt…

  80. Kevin Samuelsonsays:


  81. Paranoia will destroy ya

  82. Jamie Clarkinsays:

    Lmao! Y’all Really never read any comics I take it? Story is right on.And who the fuck cares what Stan lee does with his work?

  83. Jamie Clarkinsays:

    Read more comics and then take the time to talk shit about Dead pool, who will talk.. But you’d know this if you really read the Wolverine vs Pool series.. Ass.

  84. Jamie Clarkinsays:

    oh…Aaron king, rock on! lol

  85. Bob27says:

    Quit wining about superman killing someone. That was the best scene in the movie and the visible agony in his face after doing it only adds to who superman is and why he never kills, and likely never will again in that universe.

  86. Your blessed fucking comic book being made into a subpar movie is NOT like rape. It never will be like rape. Find another word, you insensitive hack.

    1. bfg666says:

      You know what figurative speech is, right? Defiling is defiling, whether it be physically, psychologically or metaphorically. If you can’t stomach his language, piss off and find another blog to read, you oversensitive bitch.

  87. I don’t think the writer understands how powerful General Zod actually is.

  88. Nathan Rushlowsays:

    After reading the last line of the “Man of Steel” explanation, I have to say that the fear I had with Man of Steel 2 have been amplified ten fold.

  89. Ashley Martinsays:

    yet another “critic” who misses the point of superman killing Zod in MOS. First off, what other option did he have? Fight some more, kill another million or so metropolites? The whole point is that Supes became who he is supposed to be after taking this life (and ending his only known connection to his homeworld), and greatly regretting it.

    Also Zod has a kryptonian spine. Probably hard to break, even for Supes.

  90. Darkainesays:

    Wanted could have been an interesting movie but like the writer said the sheer amount of changes that would need to be made pretty much make it pointless to do. Still baffled by the inclusion of the stupid loom.

  91. Jon Bonnellsays:

    Hey, don’t blame Marvel for Wolverine. That’s Fox’s fault.

  92. Joe Wierzbinskisays:

    Wolverine was kept out of the spotlight in the X-Men movies? Did you even see them? He was the central character of every X-Men movie where he even became the team leader. And the best X-Men movie? First Class where Wolverine wasn’t the main focus. Now Days of Future Past is coming along and whose the main focus in the spot light again? Yep you guessed it Wolverine. While I liked X-Men and I liked X-Men 2 hated number 3. But seriously those 3 movies might have well been called Wolverine and his bitches. They watered down all the X-Men and made Wolverine the supreme badass who could take on anyone. Now tell me again how Wolverine was kept out of the spot light? And on another note what’s your obsession with ass rapping?

    1. bfg666says:

      Ass rapping? I didn’t know one could rap with his ass.

  93. Humsays:

    Man of steel………… if zod was kryptonian as well……..then it wouldn’t have just been “superman snapping a neck…..”

    And in such isn’t there something like how if a kryptonian dies as long as he’s got a little sunlight he can regenerate or something(the whole death of superman thing)

    Still thou if his head spun around 360 it would of been even stupider…..

  94. a guestsays:

    “Also, he is Superman, so it seemed odd to me that Zod’s head would not have done a complete 360, or even snapped off. They made it seem like just a regular dude putting a great deal of effort into breaking a neck.”

    Certainly couldn’t have anything to do with Zod also being a Kryptonian and being on par, if not more so, for strength and endurance. Because obviously, even though they both are flying around and doing the same exact things by the end, Supe’s should be able to 360 his head with ease.

  95. lzardosays:

    Seriously? You watched Man of Steel, and, a neck snap is the thing that bothered you the most?

  96. raji_rabbitsays:

    Man Of Steel was awesome, I’m not a DC fan either, nor a Superman fan.. but remember you may only get ONE shot at doing a Superman Movie, so from the standpoint of… this might flop, It has everything to stand alone as a awesome movie.

  97. sbunny8says:

    I got sucked in to this article because I saw a picture of Mr. Hyde and was interested to hear about how far the movie strayed from the “source material”. I was expecting to hear about the 1886 novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. The comic books screwed up RLS’s description of Mr. Hyde already, before Hollywood ever got hold of it. Same goes for Captain Nemo. I guess we have different ideas about what the phrase “source material” means.

    1. bfg666says:

      Uh, when you’re talking about a movie adapting a specific work of art, you obviously intend “source material” as in said work of art, regardless of the fact that its characters already pre-existed. Now if you were talking about the comic’s source material, THAT would be Stevenson’s, Verne’s etc…

      This should go without saying.

  98. jeremy3852says:

    I agree with a lot of what you have said but I disagree with 3 things. the first being that the biggest thing wrong with the League of Extraordinary gentlemen was the rape seen been left out, they had every right to leave that out because that does not happen until book two. no what was wrong with it was that they do a complete whiff on the plot and Moriarties ( not the correct spelling I know) end game, made Harkness a vampire, and added eye candy for girls with tom soyer. second that the reason they should not have made Wanted into a move is because one of the villains is made out of human excrement, and that was one of the least offensive villains in the story. 3rd thing was that you missed the plot of man of steal completely. this was a reboot to match the new 52 where superman is more edgy, and they show that superman had to make a moral choice, allow Zod to kill the humans or kill him, considering how the movie builds to that point there is no other way it could end.

  99. Harkness Jagansays:

    Ugh. This article. First off, Hollywood remakes are always heart breaking to me, but you gotta put Hollywood into perspective. If they followed the book, or the comic, or the video game, in every reasonable step, saying every bit of dialogue, the movie would be way too long to watch. Even if you separated it into parts, then the movie becomes BORING because every step is the same. And yet, some people will argue it wouldn’t be boring because the movie allows them to make their beloved series fit reality a bit more.. And fine, because I actually am one of those people who would argue that point. But lastly, the directors/writers mostly take an idea and want to make it into their own.. put their creative stamp on it. Sure the creators of a movie want to please the crowd, you’re the ones giving them money. But they also want to please themselves by taking the series in a direction THEY see is more reasonable, or that makes more sense to them. After all, they bought the license, and it’s their art. I don’t LIKE it, I want to reiterate that remakes are definitely heart breaking. Changing some of the core concepts into what made a story or comic or game great is almost… perversion to me. But understanding that it would sometimes take too long, and you still want to surprise fans of the series with your movie, as well as add your creative mark.. I can RESPECT it (most times, I mean. Some remakes were better left untouched).

  100. Harkness Jagansays:

    I wanted to create a separate comment about Constantine. I am a huge fan of Hellblazer, but I always hated John in the comic book. I looked over his cockiness mostly, and his clever moments made the comic fun to read, but he was a whiny pussy mostly (that’s what I saw, at least). The John Constantine movie, and again this is all my personal opinion, was in many ways a better version than the comic book. Yes, it merely just used plot points from the comic as very separate incidents (Father Hennessy drinking himself to death portraying the glutton demon in the first comic, the bug demon attacking Constantine in the street, etc) and those were great homages to the comic. And yes, every trace of who John was, was missing (THANK GOD). To me, the movie was a bad-ass version of Hellblazer, everything the comic should have been. The original John was a reluctant, selfish anti-hero who was a whiny pussy afraid of guns. The movie John Constantine was far, far more relate-able. The ending of the movie, compared to what happened in the comic, is the best way to describe why the comic was annoying and the creative differences in the movie were better (SPOILER ALERT. If you read past this it’s your own fault):

    In the comic: John is going to die of cancer, so he secretly promises his soul to two LORDS of hell, already having pissed off Satan, and since they all couldn’t have his soul… just let him live? I find it highly boring and unlikely for eternal beings of evil to not know when a soul they find valuable to not have already been promised away. Especially after he angers Satan, Constantine only has days to live, you don’t think Satan wouldn’t taunt him or keep tabs of when he talks to other LORDS? Not just random demons, but high ranking commanders.

    Movie: Satan thinks John is fighting the entire movie to save a girl’s soul that was wrongly sent to hell, when really he’s just trying to keep the apocalypse from happening before he dies of cancer, and since Satan is use to people selfishly giving up their soul for ones they love, doesn’t think twice about John’s request and does it (since John’s soul is quite valuable to him). John is effectively giving up his soul for a complete stranger he doesn’t know, and since he’s dead is going to go to heaven for his selfless sacrifice, so Satan keeps him alive, knowing Constantine’s nature is to sin himself back to damnation. Which sounds faaaaar more likely to happen.

    The only thing the movie could have done differently was kept Constantine smoking afterwards like he did in the comic, the movie has him chewing gum to rid his habit.

  101. Harkness Jagansays:

    A. Zod is also Kryptonian, to Superman, he is just another regular dude. Snapping his neck would probably be just as difficult as me snapping yours (at this point I really want to).
    B. Problem with comic books is how often significant battles are re-drawn. Superman kills Zod by breaking his neck in one of the early comics.

  102. NOUUsays:

    You seem to be a very UN-happy person.

  103. Jan Christoffersensays:

    Will disagree about LoEG and Wanted as the movies are obviously better than the comics from judged by the information in this article. Watchmen even sucks as a comic, because how the characters are written, which is where the movie is too similar (except for Rorschach). Besides that, I agree with the list, except for the Deadpool part, as he would have taken over the movie if he would still be speaking as Weapon XIII. It was a Wolverine movie and one of the endings hint at a Deadpool movie which we are still hoping and waiting for where he will be speaking. So chill about that.

  104. bobsays:

    I’m not usually one to correct folk on geek stuff, but sorry I just have to. Whilst yes league of gentleman was pretty much an exercise in diluting the original with urine. The source material wasn’t that bad, or particularly un – film-able – just got turned into Connery vehicle. The raping didn’t come about till volume 2- which was released after the film. Volume two also had a rampaging Rupert the bear and was a retelling of war of the worlds (or there abouts). Dunno bout anyone else, but I got the sense Moore was saying “F you try film this!”.

    The superman thing, its stated in the film- he’s basically some dude who grew up on a farm fighting trained, experienced, soldiers. While yes that raises the point of how did he win. What else was he meant to do with Zod? Put him inside some sheet of vinyl floating through space?

    As I remember, the act of killing wasn’t treated as a particularly victorious or joyous- superman was bawling his eyes out, as well he should.

  105. Erik EQthaproducer Vancesays:

    OK, I feel everything said in your post, but you left out the most important part. How the hell did they cast Wolverine and Sabertooth as brothers growing up together? They were not brothers at all.

  106. You need to stop using the word rape so frivolously. There are lots of other ways to describe disrespect to source material. Disrespect would be one. Lack of allegiance, blasphemy, and ripoff might be a few others. Rape is a serious crime and a poor metaphor for what you are describing.

    1. bfg666says:

      Seriously, don’t you people have anything better to do with your lives than getting all uppity about a mere word? A single 4-letter word?
      Damn! Shit! Fuck! Cunt! Poop! Raperaperaperaperaperaperapeprapepeprapreparpeprpaperapreaperpr!

      1. I stand by my original comment.

      2. bfg666says:

        And now you’re resorting to insults. Wonderful. Way to add to your credibility, pal…

        Anyway, what’s figurative speech in an article about comics have to do with real-life rape victims, exactly?

        Allow me to redirect you to my reply to a certain Comics (yes, that’s his/her username) some 30 comments below.

  107. Jamessays:

    Remy Carriero – you legend. You made my day. I would love to have a chat with you.

  108. Guestsays:

    Well I enjoyed the article. It was funny to me and he’s actually right.

  109. Darrell Parkssays:

    What happened to Superman’s “Code of Honor” that stated he would never kill a human.

    1. IHateTrolls2013says:

      What human did he kill?

      1. Darrell Parkssays:

        “But to have Superman break someone’s neck in his first ever battle”

        He broke someone’s neck? Sounds fatal to me.

      2. IHateTrolls2013says:

        What HUMAN did he kill?

      3. Darrell Parkssays:

        I didn’t realize “Zor”, or whoever wasn’t human. But still, I thought suppie’s original code was to take no life. but I’m talking over 50 years ago. I just don’t like the idea of Superman as a “killer”, no matter who or what. Have a goodern.

  110. LunaErossays:

    I feel for you but I am sorry to say this but those of you that are that much of purists shouldn’t go to these movies.
    You have to remember that the movie industry is in business to make money.
    These movies cost a great amount so they have to make them to appeal to the masses not just the small minority of purist comic book fans.
    Now I admit I’m not a purist and I LOVE these comic movie franchises, especially Marvel based ones. And I do notice discrepancies from some comics I read as a youth (I don’t read them anymore now that I’m 47) and it irritates me some but it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of these movies.
    One of the things that irritated me off the top of my head was in the 1st Spider-Man. I remember in the original comics Peter was a science geek and when he got bitten he did NOT develop silk spinning glands in his wrists. He had to invent a piece of hardware to do that for him. Something they got right in the reboot. But the rest of the original was fairly true to how he became Spidey from what I remember.
    I also have some issues with the X-Men franchise. Mainly in timeline continuity.
    Such as Xavier walking in Origins: Wolverine which appeared to be in the early 70’s but was a paraplegic at the end of First Class’s timeline of the early 60’s.
    I also don’t like the difference between those two with Emma Frost. I liked how she was younger and had a better looking diamond skin in Origins but was older and had less aesthetically pleasing skin in 1st Class. She also doesn’t change her clothes and hair into diamonds either like they had her do in 1st Class.
    Like I said these things irritate me but I still LOVE these movies.

    1. Joeysays:

      To me making the webbing natural was a great move. I hate the idea that Peter was so smart that he could make this webbing, yet his Aunt is about to lose her house every 3 months.

      1. LunaErossays:

        I eventually warmed to the idea of the wrist spinnerette glands but that’s my point. They have to make them for the masses.
        I just saw TAS 2 and can’t stand what they did with the Goblin.
        I think the 1st Spider-man trilogy was best overall.
        If you watch these new ones with Garfield playing the role, they can’t even make the suit fit right. I’ve seen it billow a couple times on his back when he was swinging.
        And the eyepieces bulge out on this new suit too. That doesn’t look right.
        And more importantly to me, Garfield doesn’t even look like the science nerd Pete was.
        Maguire fits Peter’s persona so much better than Garfield.

  111. Marinerc1988says:

    Blaming Marvel for the movie treatment of Wolverine isn’t really fair, since they have no control over his movie image. 20th Century Fox has total control over the X-Men/Wolverine movies.

  112. Tinksays:

    OMG….I think the best example of books they messed up is the Flowers in the Attic series. Just the first movie messed up the entire series and the movie was not only wrong but horribly done

  113. Deviantgodsays:

    How did you leave out Dragonball: Evolution? That makes most of them look like a masterpiece. I think they saw the cover of one of the books…… Hand farts. That’s all I’m saying.

  114. disqus_yHvGW3Su8xsays:

    While Man of Steel was meh, the new 52 Superman is much more no bs.

  115. disqus_yHvGW3Su8xsays:

    Oh and Ryan Reynolds was a good choice, the movie was just bad.

  116. Keyser Sozesays:

    “Also, he is Superman, so it seemed odd to me that Zod’s head would not have done a complete 360, or even snapped off.”

    At that point in the movie, Zod himself was ALSO a “Superman”. Did you not notice the two beams of heat-laser shooting out of his eyes at the time? Zod and Kal-El were pretty much equal in strength and invulnerability. Go try to snap the neck of a guy who’s the exact same strength as you and come back and tell me how easy it was.

  117. Superfansays:

    Jim Carrey. Alan Moore (you did spell it correctly later on). Check your own source material before you misspell names. And seriously, all the unnecessary profanity really cheapens your message; you’re only doing it for shock purposes. It’s lazy writing, pure and simple.

  118. RJW202says:

    The Nolan movies were the best Batman efforts so far, but they were very far from perfect, and the last one was way off base. Hollywood has a long, long way to go to capture the essence of the true Batman character on the big screen, which I want to see someday. Batman is the perfect one-man crimefighter, but his intellect and investigative skills are never porttrayed on film like they should be. Batman would not have needed or relied on Lucius Fox to help him with anything, he could and would have done it all himself. He is a master of science, technology, chemistry, anything needed to be a master Detective. One thinhg they did right in LOEG was the Hyde character make up. It is a million times more realistic than using a CGI cartoon. I wish they would do this type of effect for the Hulk in the Avengers movies, it would be infinitely better, but apparently that director is too lazy to make a movie the right way and would rather just stick a cartoon in the film. Anybody can tell it is fake, it doesn’t look much different than Roger Rabbit.

  119. Carlsays:

    Superman killed 3 kryptonians in the comics with kryptonite

  120. phillipkslicksays:

    I love X-Men Origins Wolverine, it’s hilarious

  121. heylooksays:

    I’m not a fan of Man of Steel. And it seems clear that the author was too chicken to admit to the same. This dour, one-note abomination of a movie was far from “entertaining” for anyone save for the least demanding 14-y-o action addict who cares not for things like dialogue, character arcs, or story.

    That said, the author has missed the point of MoS. The one thing the filmmakers (and I use the term loosely) did well was set up the murder of Zod by Superman’s hands. The character is presented to us as someone who lacks a moral center. His father tells him “maybe” he should’ve let those kids die, he steals clothes from the clothesline of a family that they make a point of showing us is poor, and he destroys a man’s entire livelihood b/c the man gets handy w/a waitress.

    I like to point out to defenders at this point that this movie is not a documentary. And if they wanted Clark to pull a couple of soggy 20s out of his pocket to cover the stolen clothes or find another way to teach the guy at the bar a lesson, that could’ve been done easily. But the goal was to show Clark has no moral compass.

    So, while I find the writing and story to be weak, and the editing and direction and lensing awful, and the characterizations embarrassing, and the violence ridiculous…the reason those that hate this movie hate it is mostly based on their own preconceived notions of the character…NOT based on what’s in the actual movie.

    And, finally, someone else on a board had a brilliant idea: If Superman had killed one of Zod’s minions, rather than Zod, halfway through the movie, then struggled with the decision, and then at the end of the film had this choice and chose NOT to kill Zod, THAT would have been a much more powerful ending & a really strong arc for the character of Superman.

  122. Aaron O'neilsays:

    First a technical point, but Zod is ficken Kryptonian as well, it shows just how freakishly strong superman is that he even CAN break his neck at all.Also to be fair, Zod literally gave Clark no choice. He’s super powered and has no drive other than to destroy everything clark loves, including the entire human race. there’s no question of contaning him, the phantom zone isn’t available anymore and there’s nowhere on earth capable of holding him at that point. Clark desperately begs him to stop and he simply says “never”. Superman wasn’t experinced yet and hasn’t set his morals in stone. Killing his last tie to his home could be the defining moment that spawns his aversion to killing, and his feirce determination to prtect earth. I agree with the rest of the list, mostly, and while I fully understand why people hate that part, after looking at the bigger picture it has become my favorite part. As long as hey don’t just ingore it in the next mvie, all is well in my eyes.Well, ept for all the OTHER various robles with the movie…

  123. PegasusOrganssays:

    I read Watchmen, and the movie is the closest adaptation I’ve EVER seen, so, while it might be popular to hate on Watchmen, it is total drivel.

  124. PegasusOrganssays:

    BTW, to show how little you know, in your tirade on “Man of Steel”, you said “Marvel watered down Wolverine”. Anyone with access to the internet (you perhaps?) could easily find out that FOX, not Marvel, own the rights to Wolverine and therefore THEY (not Marvel) watered down Wolverine.

  125. Tiger Blamsays:

    The Crow is quite different from the source material as well. It’s 100 times better.

  126. Nick Ashleysays:

    You use the word “rape” so casually that I think you might not know what it means.

  127. Sean McDowellsays:


  128. Matt zappavignasays:

    Constantine did trick the devil into curing him of cancer, he also tricked god into letting him off the hook for killing himself. Did you watch the movie, with the exception of appearance, Reeves made a fantastic Constantine, I’ve read the comics. The main difference is that you don’t get his internal dialogue.

  129. Michael Schäfersays:

    oh, come on boy, if you wouldnt had thrown your drink and watched till the end ( exactly the end titles ) you would have calmed down and still have your 6€-coke

  130. Tee Jaysays:

    You left off Spawn… Why? The adaptation was freaking horrendous!

  131. Comicssays:

    Rape … rape … rape … rape … thats all I can read in all your reviews. You really need to chill with the language while giving a review. Also , the reason why Superman took so much effort into breaking his snap was cause zod was a kryptonian too … Guess someone hasn’t quiet read their comics too. Just kidding … but seriously relax with the words. Peace

    1. bfg666says:

      The guy is somewhat emphatic, so what? If you don’t like his language, no-one forces you to read ALL his reviews. Personally, I’m more concerned with his misconceptions, notably about Man Of Steel, because they indicate either a) a failure to understand what he watches or b) a tendency to talk drivel about what he actually hasn’t watched yet. Both are far more serious than a trivial matter of language, don’t you think?

  132. Dheep'says:

    Exactly what DO you think he should have done to stop ZOD ? Gimme a Break

  133. Namesays:

    You probably also missed the part where Zod is actually ALSO FROM KRYPTON, and thus is ALSO EVERY BIT AS POWERFUL AS SUPERMAN, so it kind of makes perfect sense that Superman had to really struggle to even get Zod’s neck to crack halfway, and not all the way around. Sorry, am I making too much (common) sense? I’ll stop. You’re right. Superman had to have made Zod’s neck spin like a top. My bad.

  134. willfredvzlasays:

    Superman doesn’t even fly in the first comics so don’t bitch about him killing zod for the Good of an innocent family he was about to kill.and on Superman’s defence,he did feel and incredible amount of remorse after killing him

  135. jasonsays:

    firstly man of steel is based of a darker superman comic maybe you should go and read some of the source material. if you even opened you eyes and saw they where showing the alien side of clark which is done in universe 3 as well as the new 52 also he kills zod more then once in the comics but you no better right

  136. Mike Van Cleavesays:

    Hedley Lamarr: Qualifications?
    Applicant: Rape, murder, arson, and rape.
    Hedley Lamarr: You said rape twice.
    Applicant: I like rape

  137. Yugosays:

    i feel like you missed the avengers, where they used that child Tom Hiddleston to act as the immortal demi-god loki. i think they should have used someone who had more experience in the face like Mads Mikkelsen who does an amazing job of acting without so much as saying a word in Valhalla rising

  138. David Gillamsays:

    Im somewhat surprised that The Last Airbender wasnt on this list

  139. IHateTrolls2013says:

    I’m not even a comic book fan, and I realize that Zod, being FROM KRYPTON, would be an equal match for Superman. Thus, the neck snap should look more like a human-on-human neck snap. This idea that his head should have been ripped off is ridiculous, and makes me think you have no clue.

    My big problem with that scene is that Zod appears to not be able to move his eyes from side to side! WTH? Seems he could have easily incinerated those people, by just looking to the side. That made the scene not work for me. It would have been far more believable if Zod had actually killed that family and then Superman snapped his neck.

  140. A. C. H.says:

    You should go write for Encyclopedia Dramatica.

  141. Maxsays:

    About the:”it seemed odd to me that Zod’s head would not have done a complete 360, or even snapped off. They made it seem like just a regular dude putting a great deal of effort into breaking a neck”…Zod is from Krypton also so he has the same strength as Superman. It’s just like 2 regular guy fighting together cuz they’re as strong as each other. Maybe you should check YOUR sources before bitching about other’s…

  142. gphxsays:

    This is one of those rare cases where the forum comments are far more enlightening and mature than the article.

  143. MichaelSacalsays:

    Man of Steel did in fact follow the comic book source material. It used ideas from the 80’s comic book reboot, the For Tomorrow story arc, and multiple other sources from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. What it didn’t do was use material from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s, which is what upsets people.

  144. MichaelSacalsays:

    Superman is NOT a cheesey All-American hero, though. That notion is a remnant of the Silver Age of comics and Donner movies. Read the Golden Age originals, specially Action Comics #1.

  145. LegendInMyMindsays:

    Regarding Man of Steel, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about…

  146. jonsays:

    man of steel was very faithful to the source material. i still dont get why people are so upset that he killed Zod. he has killed before and will do so again. it wasnt till batman got uber popular that they tried to take the no killing thing and give it to other characters. for the most part this writer is un informed, much like most people that whine about shit.

  147. Bysmeriansays:

    You know what? Context is critical when you’re going to discuss the rape of the Invisble Man, if you’re going to discuss THAT scene. Otherwise you come across as some asshole trying to look metal by shouting “raped to death!” while grinning like a loon and throwing the horns.

    Look, I have few moral compunctions about that scene, since the Invisible Man was just as terrible a monster as Hyde from the get-go, when they found him in a girl’s school, responsible for a series of “Immaculate Conceptions.” Also, by the time Hyde does this thing, the story is on the second volume, which is more or less War of the Worlds, and the Invisible Man is selling out to the Martians.

    So he’s horrible, I feel no pity for him there.

    That scene, again, takes place in the second volume. The movie is a terribly loose adaptation of the first one (Inasmuch as the League forms and deals with Moriarty. That’s about it.) Don’t act like they cut your favorite scene for no reason.

    Be angry because they made Allan the leader, and not Mina.

    Be angry they decided that Mina should be a vampire, because “that would be cool.”

    Be angry that they tossed Tom Sawyer in there for no good reason.

    Be angry that they put Dorian Grey–actually, no. He was honestly fine.

    Be angry with any of the changes they actually made.

    Because that movie blew.

  148. Scotty 'Mchaggis' Mcleansays:

    All of these movies were fantastic, this article just reads like an immature comic-book nerd chucking a tantrum.

  149. Meatwadsays:

    Micheal Bay’s Transformers need to be up here as well. Total disregard for characterization which made Transformers unique. Starscream being treacherous and Shockwave being logical where only the tip of the iceberg o what’s wrong. Don’t get me started on their overall look. Just plain messy.

  150. Greg Pricesays:

    Seeing as how I thought Watchmen (which was far more”faithful” to it’s source than LXG) was one of the most dreary, depressing, NASTY movies I’ve ever seen, I’m glad they only took the name and very core concept for the LXG movie, which works just fine as is.

  151. Interesting article. I’ve long maintained that people should stop acting like movies are automatically the best live-action format for comic books. Long-running comic books would do better as Cable shows like Walking Dead. Now a limited work like The Coffin would work well as a movie in my opinion.

  152. Supermansays:

    And yet once again, people who know zero about Superman and his comic history try to critque Man of Steel.

  153. krone888says:

    I totally disagree with Man of Steel (screw the deleted scene) for all you know he KILLED ZOD (SPOILERS) in Superman 2 you nit. I think he’s a superman and not a superboy and the filmmakers evolved the character, gave him some depth and asked him to make a man decision. I think it’s one of the best things the movie did. (Which isn’t a lot I might add) It gives me hope for the sequel.

  154. Jonathan Evan Sternsays:

    The fact that it wasn’t like the comic wasn’t anywhere near the worst thing about X-Men Origins Wolverine. Not only did they not really know the source material, but they didn’t know how to tell a story. Here’s a hint, if there’s something interesting like 5 or 6 wars, the forming of an elite team of superheros, or a government conspiracy, focus on that. Don’t focus on the year the protagonist was a lumberjack.

  155. Kat Hothsays:

    Quote – Also, he is Superman, so it seemed odd to me that Zod’s head would not have done a complete 360, or even snapped off. They made it seem like just a regular dude putting a great deal of effort into breaking a neck. – End Quote. Zod is from Krypton also, so it WOULD be like a regular dude breaking a regular guy’s neck.

  156. Chrissays:

    Actually, Reeves Constantine was plenty cocky! I’m wondering now if we watched the same film. He became confident and serious toward the end, but running right up to that he was cocky more often than not, and even after he did his serious bout of shotgun-toting, he became cocky again. How cocky do you have to be to trick Satan and then give him the finger before you’re even out of reach?!

  157. Luke Adamsonsays:

    If you watch it closely it looks like Zod’s neck does to a 360 and then spin back. Still dumb but. It does try to keep it good enough for kids because “Superman”

  158. Nizzemancersays:

    You forgot Batman.

  159. MrCusanellisays:

    You forgot Bay’s Transformers 1, 2, 3, and you mights as well add 4. Seeing that Galvatron is made by humans, and the dinobots probably wont transform nor speak.

  160. Andrewsays:

    Zod is the same strength as Superman, so his head wouldn’t do a 360. It would be like a human snapping a humans neck. This clearly identifies you know nothing of Superman, as no real fan would make the mistake.

  161. Ottawa Boysays:

    “So now I have made it my job to find out who that person is. To find out where they live, whom they love, and why they are doing this. I guess you could say, that person is now my arch nemesis.”

    You wouldn’t have the guts to stand on a chair and pronounce your mom as your arch nemesis for fucking up your eggo waffles in the morning. You’re a blogger with no writing skills and no factual information on the movies you are whining about.

    Go back to playing video games, and leave reporting to those who understand their topics.

  162. rev_skarekroesays:

    Aliens vs. Predator wasn’t based on the comic.

  163. Dark30says:

    There may be some things in Man Of Steel that strayed from the source material. killing Zod was not one of them. Hell there are a few episodes of Justice League where he kills 20 or 30 people and jacks up an entire town in a fight with Captain Marvel.

  164. I pretty much agree with all of these except Man of Steel. Man of Steel took elements directly out of Superman comics like Secret Origin, Birthright, The Man of Steel, and Earth One (as well as All-Star Superman and a few others) and mashed them together in a way that made complete sense in context of the film. Other than MOS, I agree with this list. Though I do LOVE The Mask!!!

  165. Anuarsays:

    What about Dragon Ball?

  166. Lamperssays:

    You forgot to mention that Alan Moore created John Constantine. So that’s a another of his creations ruined by Hollywood. Ruined, NOT raped. Having a beloved character spoiled by poor decision-making when transitioning to the big screen is a terrible thing. But it’s NOT rape and shouldn’t be compared to it.

  167. des_3says:

    I’m always amused when comic book guys complain about films not being as “edgy” as the comics, then use examples like Mr Hyde raping the Invisible Man to death, Quicksilver & Scarlett Witch having incest, and Slade having a sexual relationship with 15 year-old Tera.

    You guys realize how really creepy you sound when you do that, right?

  168. Sagir Khansays:

    Did someone say Hally Berry’s Catwoman?! 😛

  169. MVGsays:

    You do know that in the comics superman killed zod right? It was a defiing moment, the only time he killed and he swore never again. That is one reason he got “killed” by doomsday, he held back the entire fight.

  170. rigorsays:

    if by “7”. you mean “all of them”, then yes, i agree, lol

  171. Vernestosays:

    I always tell myself “DON’T! Just don’t get involved in the commentary section. Read the Goddamn article and go the f*** back to facebook.” However, I never listen to me anyway.

    This author may have been lewd, but he was also spot on in his critical analyses. Violence, sickness and grief are all part of the human experience. The Political Correctness Police will not allow their tidy little corner of reality to see these things in the escapist medium of movies, but that does not protect them from the vicious world of comics (graphic novels, et al). So long as the sick and twisted exist in our world, there will be scumbag writers to tell the stories over and over and over. What this guy is saying, and very well, is that it sucks that the two worlds — both far less scathing and dangerous than our own world — are so far apart.

    Rape, murder, death and even darker things exist. Acknowledge reality. Read comic books, and you will see more of it than you do in Hollywood’s terrible reproductions of the same.

  172. Willie L. Pepperssays:

    I think you got everything dead on, but I do take issue with your Man of Steel observations. First of all, with them BOTH being invulnerable, their battle would essentially be the equivalent to 2 ordinary guys fight. Supes couldn’t have torn Zod’s head off no more than I could yours. Also, let’s not forget Superman’s strict code against killing. As I see it, this is where that code was born.

  173. Andysays:

    “It also leaves us wondering what would stop him from doing it again? He has already gone down the darkest road a “hero” can go down, and it was only the first movie in the reboot series. Where does that leave us?”

    Actually, the fact that he DID it would stop him from doing it again. I can’t think of a better motivation to try and find a way to win without killing than the weight on your conscience of being responsible for the death of the only other member of your race.

  174. mikesays:

    dude he kills zod in supes 2 so how is this any darker

    1. toddsays:

      Not to mention he smiled too after Zod, Non, and Ursa died in Superman II.

  175. FuckThisWritersays:

    So having Superman snap Zod’s neck as he felt he had no other way to stop him, learn a lesson in that and never kill again is nothing like any of the Superman comics at all? Have you read any Superman comics? Also, why was it not okay in “Man of Steel” but it was fine in the Christopher Reeve film?
    …and while I agree with some points, they left the rape in “Watchmen”, so um, does that make you happy?

  176. Eric Rinesays:

    You clearly have some issues and are nothing more than a hack writer. What REAL writer has such little talent that he believes dropping the ‘f’ bomb repeatedly will add actual punch to his or her story? Repeated rape references when you’re not talking about actual rape is trash writing. You are an immature, untalented writer who needs to grow up.

    As for your references to the actual comics, some of your points are valid, but others are way too far wrong for you to consider yourself any kind of “authority” on the comics.

    And one last thing – THEY’RE COMICS!!! Get over it and learn the difference between real literary works and entertainment.

  177. Animaniacsays:

    You apparently missed the end of Wolverine: Origins. The movie works as Deadpools Origin, he ends up after the credits getting his mouth back and now being free of the big bad’s control he’s free to become the horribly scarred Merc With a Mouth we want to see on screen.

  178. Alericsays:

    This review is spot on and the sad part is the fanboys STILL don’t get it. Hollywood has been treating you like simpletons for the past 10 years. They have been shoveling you crap you have been asking for seconds and thanking them for it. Why else would you pay to see any of the X-Men movies after the first one, Superman as an Emo Dude, Transformers that look NOTHING like them and the movie is about SPIKE?? Seriously??
    Flame Away……

  179. The Real Kingsays:

    yeah … Aaron .. …homophobic?

    just not be a fan of gays?

    besides that… Alan Moore is a hack.

  180. Timsays:

    There’s no way he threw his drink at the screen. Where do these horrible writers come from?

  181. bensays:

    i get what he is saying his views are great but with wolverine i feel like they are making it for the kids not so adults can remember there childhood and how they read comic books but that they really meant this to be for kids and teens.

  182. smashadamssays:

    superman has killed many times in the comics. he does what is necessary. you hate man of steel because it isn’t the reeve movie. superman returns was the reeve movie but people didn’t like that either. this was superman’s first outing. he’s going to make mistakes and learn from them. batman let ra’s die in batman begins, but no one says “the comic book batman would’ve saved him regardless”. that’s bs.

    1. toddsays:

      OMG, thank you. I have been saying the same thing about Batman killing Ra’s in Batman Begins lol.

  183. James M. Fabianosays:

    No Catwoman (who wasn’t even Selina Kyle)? Really??????

  184. James M. Fabianosays:

    Also, would you count Transformers as comic characters? Because only someone living in a cave (or up Michael Bay’s ass, oops I made an ass-f*cking joke) would know exactly what I am talking about. And it’s about to get worse with TMNT as well.

  185. James M. Fabianosays:

    How about a companion list for aborted movies that would have been here if made? Like Green Lantern starring Jack Black? The J.J. Abrams Superman script? Tim Burton’s Superman??? (nostalgia would stop people from admitting so, but his Batman wasn’t perfect either)

  186. James M. Fabianosays:

    The movies thinking that the comics could have come up with someone as annoying as Kat Dennings’ Thor character. Or that Kitty Pryde was an annoying b*tch. Seriously, I’d like to see Dennings and Ellen Page in a crossover movie where they battle to the death. Of course it must end in a DRAW…

  187. Chucksays:

    See, here’s the thing. Hollwood wants to make movies that people will GO SEE. And especially ones that they can take their FAMILIES to see. Edgy is all well and good in its place, but I’m pretty sure that giant-elixir-mutant-butt-rape-murder scenes will substantially reduce the potential audience.

    1. FlyteBrosays:

      The success of Tokyo Gore Police says otherwise 😉

  188. Hydesays:

    I’m tired of people complaining about Man of Steel. What was he supposed to do? Watch Zod kill those people and then slap him into space and say SHAME ON YOU? Get over it. Superman was put in an impossible situation. No matter the outcome, he would have had regrets, which he definitely showed. Now they just have to keep that going in future movies. This can be the one thing that haunts him, no matter how much better he gets at handling situations like that and avoiding killing of any kind.

  189. Queefer Sutherlandsays:

    Oh shut the fuck up about Man of Steel. Just SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  190. Bigleedog7 .says:

    “Also, he is Superman, so it seemed odd to me that Zod’s head would not have done a complete 360, or even snapped off” Stupidest comment ever! You do realize ZOD was a Kryptonian therefore it would be like two normal people fighting.

  191. So sorry but you don’t know your source material, Superman HAS killed Zod but by using green kryptonite. See Superman (vol. 2) #22

  192. Davidsays:

    I’m sorry…but you don’t know
    your comic source and you don’t know Superman.
    Superman actually killed zod in the comics more then once. The man of steel is the best portrayed Superman. Get over it.

  193. Ainsley Anussays:

    Sure they sucked but you clearly have issues if you threw your drink at a movie screen

  194. wikig1itchsays:

    Spot on list, but horribly written descriptions. You sound like a sad, angry fanboy.

  195. Ryansays:

    Omg another crybaby over superman snapping a neck…get over it.

  196. Charlessays:

    You clearly never read a superman comic you asinine moron. Superman does in fact kill people sometimes. He does his best to avoid it but he does kill if necessary. Now on a second note to all of your points i ask you this: Can you even try and make a better version of any of these? No you can’t so quit ranting about shit you will always pay out your ass to see.

  197. Stansays:

    Alien vs. Predator should not have been based on the comic book. It should have been based on the prior films.

  198. Allan Hallsays:

    A – Nothing in Man of Steel implied that Superman does not kill, that is your mere bias.
    B – Superman has killed before.

  199. Deborahsays:

    Seems to me that this author is WAY more obsessed with rape than any of the books he references. A rape scene in a book or movie is ONE scene, whereas this writer talks about it in nearly every paragraph. Might be time to make another withdrawal from the analogy bank, kiddo.

  200. Sean R.says:

    Wanted the comic and Wanted the movie both have redeeming features… I think I actually prefer the movie in that case.

  201. Maxxsays:

    You realize Marvel Studios does NOT own the X-men and Wolverine properties, right?

  202. Alan Holtsays:

    WOW. It seems everyone (including the writer) is taking this topic way too far. I would like to say that I agree with his opinion that these movies did not do justice to the source material, I think that goes without saying. Honestly, it seems most of the world was disappointed with these films-they flat-out suck. Sean Connery has claimed LOEG caused him to quit filmmaking, after all. Yet as a 36 year old man that was molested from 3-6 years old by 2 family members and tortured and raped the summer I turned 10 along with my 4 year old sister (in front of each other) all this talk of rape is horribly offending. First you’re not a “homophobe” if anal rape bothers you! You have that right. My best friend’s brother and my little sister are both gay and neither are offended that I’m not a fan of anal sex. Secondly, the author’s odd insistence that comics featuring rape should be adapted that way is seriously troubling. Films shouldn’t avoid rape alltogether necessarily, but filmmakers should be (and probably are) hesitant to include such depictions in their movies so as not to evoke the trauma within that all, or at least 80%, of rape victims would have bubbling to the surface during such scenes! And finally, all this arguing is plain silly. The author does have the right to write any way he wants taste aside, and we as critics have the right to respond as we wish. That said, the worthless f**k (Logic) that commented “Rape is good and esp in comics” is lucky he has the internet to hide behind. If you think rape is indeed good, you deserve to die a very painful, humiliating death at the hands of a mob of freshly raped victims. If you like rape, you’ll LOVE being beaten to a pulp and skinned alive. ALL rapists should have their d***s chopped off or their v*****s sewn shut. I know a great deal of people from many walks of life that would gladly volunteer if their country can’t handle it. I’m free whenever America’s ready to start actually punishing the lowest form of human life…

  203. Michael Jingleheimer Shcmidtsays:

    I have two points to touch on. Superman could have just as easily flown away of even turned Zod in another direction instead of breaking his neck. He had the upper hand. He could have even covered his eyes with his arm or hand. But killing Zod…yeah they’ve already broken the man of steel’s credo. Now…Deadpool…I agree with all you have stated. He’s known as the Merc with the mouth for a reason. But bare in mind. X-Men days of future past just changed the entire world. So who knows maybe when we see Deadpool next…he’ll be the smart ass assassin we know and love.

  204. Brian Martinsays:

    Zack Snyder has said that Superman is one of his favorite superheros. So he has at least read the source material.

  205. Hutchsays:

    List isn’t bad, but if you think Man of Steel didn’t read the source material you’ve missed the boat big time, because the New52 Superman has much more of an edge to him, is a bit darker (not a ton mind you) and if put in the same situation would absolutely kill Zod. Since everyone seems to have missed the fact these movies will be based on the New52 comics then it needs to be repeatedly said until it gets through some of these thick skulls. Superman’s no killing rule needs to come from somewhere doesn’t it? All the death and destruction teaches him to be more careful, a better hero and to find a better way. By the way, in Superman 2, no only did Superman kill Zod (AND Lois killed Ursa) but HE TOOK ZODS POWERS FIRST!

    1. toddsays:

      Even before the new 52 there were dark and gritty Superman stories ex: Last Son, For Tomorrow, and the Death of Superman. Also Superman has killed plenty of times before. he killed Zod in Superman vol 2 issue 22, Doomsday in Death of Superman, Imperix and Braniac in Our Worlds at War, a Phantom on Smallville, and Zod in Superman II in which he smiled after killing that Zod. Man of Steel haters seem to forget about that lol.

  206. Weston Popesays:

    Allen Moore? ALLEN? Before you call people out for not reading things closely, you may want to read Alan Moore’s name a little bit more closely.

  207. irritated with criticssays:

    i totally enjoyed the new adaption of superman and as far as zods head not being ripped off didnt he have the same powers as superman? wouldnt that make breaking his neck like a regular human break another regular human’s nck? come on quit spouting what every other critic is spouting, i did agree with Dead Pool though

  208. pictrigsays:

    In The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. transforms the 6’8 Bane into a 5’10 creepy voice. And if you want to see someone raped, and sodomised, watch a porno.

  209. ticktickticksays:

    For the record, Marvel didn’t water down Wolverine. Fox watered down Wolverine.

  210. Johnsays:

    This article kinda sucks lol no one wants to see rape in a movie lol. Rape in movies always fucks up the movie & turns from the story. Pulp Fiction is perfect without the gay rape scene. Its not necessary lol. The Mask is good as is they made him an anti-hero. Everybody else that commented just seem angry this article simply sucked no anger lol

  211. I hope you never get to make a Superman movie.

  212. RabidWolverinesays:

    Sups killing Zod was pretty epic in my opinion..his reaction right after told of his regret and now he has to refind his faith in himself and atone for what he did ergo no killing no matter what,.. if they would of made him a boy scout rightoff.. sorry been there done that.. it would of made the movie dull as hell.

  213. BB53says:

    I agree. The guy that wrote this is an idiot who is obsessed with using the word “rape” over and over. Not to mention “ass-fucking”.

  214. mr_banditsays:

    Not just comics. “Starship Troopers”. Dam director couldn’t even finish reading the book. He had the special effects guys (I know a couple of them) *begging* him to do the powered armor. Nope. We are talking top flight SFX folks here, and *hard core* SF fans. Bastard should be chucked into the sun.

  215. Robert Ashcraftsays:

    Remy Carriero, you are a lame ass. Don’t quit your other job, bro.

  216. Jason Burchsays:

    Your Man of Steel article is just wrong. First, your title is “comic book movies that didn’t read their source material.”

    Well, in the comics, you know, the source material, Superman kills Zod.

    Second, You say the Clark Kent v Zod fight is Kent’s first battle. Wrong. Did you even watch the movie? His first real battle was the Battle of Smallville.

    Noticed how i said Kent vs Zod? Because Superman isn’t in Man of Steel. Man of Steel is Clark Kent in the suit. He hasn’t learned how to be Superman yet.

  217. Steven Doylesays:

    I can’t defend the writing choices in “Man of Steel”, but as a point of logic, Kal-El and Zod are both Kryptonians; that’s why Superman had to put real effort into breaking Zod’s neck, as if they were both humans.

  218. Morninglord2says:

    I know I’m late to the conversation here, but just saw this article and really, the Man of Steel interpretation is way, way off.
    First of all, you seem to have a problem with Superman snapping Zod’s neck on a purely physical level. Why shouldn’t it have been hard? It’s not like Superman was doing it to a regular human. Zod was a Kryptonian as well, and at that point in the movie, he was as amped up by the earth’s sun’s radiation as Superman. So it makes perfect sense for it to have worked like that. Superman struggled to do it because Zod was his physical equal.
    Secondly, “the darkest road a hero can go down?” Really? You’re acting like Superman just flat-out murdered Zod. That’s not the case. He begged Zod to stop, it was clear Superman didn’t want to kill him, but it was either do it, or let Zod incinerate the innocent family with his heat vision. Superman clearly made the heroic choice. He didn’t do it in cold blood, he did it in extermis, during the heat of a battle. You might as well condemn a cop for shooting and killing a criminal who is about to kill someone else.
    Now, had they portrayed Superman as killing Zod simply because Zod said he was going to kill the people, you might have a point. But Superman was stopping Zod from actively trying to kill the people. There was no ambiguity there. Kill Zod or watch the people die. Should Superman have let them die? You seem to think so.

  219. Brandon Allensays:

    The reason Zod’s neck didn’t do a 360 is because he was physically on the same level as Superman. Being from the same planet their bodies have the same density and thus Superman snapping Zod’s neck would be like one very strong human snapping the neck of another equally strong human.

  220. Alaena McDonaldsays:

    SERIOUSLY need to include Dragon Ball Evolution in your part 2. Out of any and all fucked over comic book franchises, this one takes the cake, rapes the cake, murders the cake’s family, dismembers the family dog, and pisses on its collective grave. A death sentence should have been implemented for all involved. You don’t even have to be a DB fan to recognize what a blight this shit was on the face of amazing narratives that some asshole exec decided to “adapt”.

  221. jstnlg09says:

    I hope somebody fired your sorry ass since it seems you have broken multiple violations in writing articles so STOP looking at playboy magazines while writing articles YOU are a disgrace to all bloggers the world doesn’t just revolve around fucking and raping if you can’t see that then it’s stop you quit masturbating and writing articles at the same time

  222. Flagglessays:

    In an article about source material you suggest that Wolverine should be rated R? Ever hear of the CBC? No Marvel or DC characters should ever get an R rating. Comics is for kids.

  223. Edookatorsays:

    I stopped reading after Man of Steel…you’re clearly a moron

  224. John Paschallsays:

    Deadpool sucks

  225. Flaresays:

    All yall motherfuckers complaining about the rape jokes should just grow a pair. Your denial in confronting rape on the cinema screens disgust me more than the rapists themselves.

  226. Archangelsays:

    You can add ALL of the X-Men movie too!!! After I saw the first movie, I was so hurt. Each movie afterwards have been worst and worst. No way the writers has ever read and X-Men comic book or seen the 90’s animated series on Fox.

  227. Chris De Wittsays:

    Boy, what a load of crap. Really? How big of a dweep are you? Some of the crap you write here I agree with. But you are so blindly fixated on your “source material” that you are ruining movies for your self. By the way. Zod was god-like on earth as Sups. You really think his head would have done what you wanted it to have done? He wasn’t a mere mortal. Remember your source material?

  228. jhernandez1981says:

    You should pick up Birthright and Kingdom Come so you can know how wrong you are about MoS

  229. Michael DeGregoriosays:

    Dude, you have a fucking obsession with Rape. That’s a little weird and offputting.

  230. richardstarrsays:

    You left off the worst adaption. “The Spirit”.

    They took a classic detective who continues to fight on even when hurt
    and turned it into a really bad Buggs Bunny cartoon with Samuel L Jackson
    walking around in Nazi regalia.

  231. Fredrick Seilersays:

    Superman killed Zod in Superman 2 back in the 80’s.

  232. Jaysonsays:

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie was WAY better than the graphic novel. I have both and I am not too proud to say that I am not a fan of rape! So, I’m glad they took that out! Yes, the ‘heroes’ were a bit more like regular people in the book and that was fine but they lacked a lot! Mina Harker in the movie was a vampire lady with many Vampire powers to bring to the team, which was cool, and Mina Harker in the book’s super powers were to hang around and give attitude! Also, you got it wrong! In the first book Hyde and Skinner were not the best of friends but it was the SECOND book where Hyde raped the invisible man!

  233. lukgodsays:

    I’ve been into comics for over 50 years now and I can tell you that when you criticize a movie like the Superman reboot you miss the point that both DC and Marvel have “re-imagined” their characters so much it’s no wonder screen writers feel justified in doing the same.
    You forget that worse was done to the Avengers. Where’s Ant-man and Wasp? Captain America, who would never kill in the Silver Age much like Superman, came in as Hulk’s (who lasted 2 issues) replacement in issue #5. Hawkeye and Black Widow were Ironman villains not S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. etc, etc.
    As for the Alan Moore tweaks remember Michael Crichton fixed his novel in his screen adaption, perhaps Alan Moore should get off his high horse and admit stuff like ass raping heroes and fake Alien’s landing in NY (which he ripped off from an Outer Limits episode whole-cloth) needed revision. The point of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the movie) was of redemption and I like it that way.

  234. Adam Roger Kearleysays:

    I actually bought the trade paperback of wanted prior to the movie coming out, and when i saw what they did in the movie… I actually kinda liked it. That said, the two shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence. “Soon to be a major motion picture” on the book, and “based on the graphic novel” in the movie, are the biggest jokes in the history of comic book adaptations.

    Spoiler alert: the comic wasn’t about an underground criminal organization, because they ruled the damn planet. They were legit super villains that had wiped out all of the superheroes, reconstructed reality, and brainwashed everyone so that the heroes never even existed. For Christ sake they have Superman’s tattered cape on display in a vault as the last remnant of “the good old days.” The main character was the son of this organizations version of Deadshot or some other similar no power super assassins. The book opens with said character fucking a bunch of guys because NOT BECAUSE HE’S GAY OR BI, but because he likes to take time off from women and roll around in the hay with sweaty disgusting men so that he can go back and appreciate women all the more, HE’S THAT GOD DAMN JADED. Then he get’s killed, and they want the main character to replace him, EVEN THOUGH THEY DON’T NEED HIM TO.

    Good book.

  235. who caressays:

    Now you know why so many people hate movies that come out based on books. If you are a fan of anything, comparing to the original work is always going to let you down. You just need to calm down and realize it is a whole different rendition of the story. I agree with a lot you say but at the end of it all, who cares.

  236. Brett Hsays:

    Man of Steel had Kal-El kill Zod because he had no other choice. He may have had his Super-Strength, Super-Durability, Super-Speed (not really shown in the movie) and amazing powers, but even with these advantages, there are some situations that no-one can avoid. Maybe he could have done something to stop Zod (or the family getting SHOT AT could have DUCKED), but at that moment Kal-El didn’t have the opportunity to take advantage of these things. So he had to kill Zod. This also sets the moral of Superman, vowing (after killing someone) that he will never kill again, no matter what. He’ll, Christopher Reeves, the definitive Superman said that Superman might’ve killed someone in his first movie, but never after that. Man of Steel isn’t that bad in that respect.

  237. It’s Alan Moore. Not Allen. The righteous fanboy rage over changes made in adapting your favorite comics – is far more convincing if you actually get the author’s name right….

  238. “at least they did him justice by keeping him out of the spotlight”…. have you seen these movies at all or are you just repeating complaints other film fans have expressed. WOLVERINE IS THE STAR OF EVERY XMEN FILM thus far except for First Class. Keeping him out of the spotlight my ass….

  239. Harriet Burgesssays:

    Superman used to be a total dick. He’s destroyed a poor neighbourhood, blown up an oil well, ratted out a torture victim, drugged a man and took over his life and wrecked a load of cars.

  240. Harriet Burgesssays:

    Also Constantine could have been such a good film but it was utterly terrible. Shame really.

  241. Raphsays:

    Everyone has an opinion on Superman killing, read the source material, in the Golden Age, Superman killed criminals with consistent regularity; the Silver Age turned him into the boy scout, and the New 52 turned him into a punch-first guy… There are 1000 incarnations of Superman, a realistic take on the character is something new and I welcome it.

    Condemning Zack Snyder “wait until you see what I do to Batman” is also in bad taste, Snyder did a good job with Watchmen, 300, Dawn of the Dead, etc. and MOS wasn’t a bad start to a new DCU. So I’ll choose to reserve judgement on this incarnation of Superman until I see BvS: DOJ.

  242. Dart Vadesays:

    wait so did you ever read or actually comprehend what you were seeing MOS? If he didn’t kill him or snap his neck, what was the recourse in fighting Zod, what could he have done different. Was there some place on Earth that had a prison that could hold him? Was he somehow mortally injured or much weaker than Superman bc they seemed even like they should be, so Supes couldn’t have forced him to leave or threw him into the sun (still murder). So since you seem so wise what is the outcome, what is best to do? Also why would his head pop off when Supes did that? They are 2 Supermen, so when put together they zero each oter out and in essence become normal people when fighting each other since their power is teh same, so ahve you ever seen someone break another persons neck in that way and their head came off? How is it you were allowed to write this article without an editor?

  243. Flasher14says:

    Like everyone else, I’m gonna also note the CONSTANT use of “rape” and “fuck”. But I also want to state that I LOVED AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2. I don’t see why everyone hates it, apart from giving every damn character a sob story and how they TOTALLY skimped off Rhino until the last five minutes of the movie, which was disappointing, considering that he was the character I was most looking forward to see in that movie. Secondly, for your Man of Steel complaint, you focused a lot on the stupid snap neck thing, which I totally shrugged off. The one thing I noticed is that Superman is up against a squadron of Kryptonians, all with the same powers as him, he has to fight a weapon that alters gravity and turns the surface around it like Krypton, thus weakening Superman, and finally, the DESTRUCTION in that movie was catastrophic. And THAT was the first Superman movie. I really don’t see how they are going to top all that in whatever foe Superman will face next.

  244. aaron james scottsays:

    First all fuck is a form of expression that every adult says many times and rape is reality. To judge and ridicule someone for saying such words is just the sort of things all you religious moral pushers push on people to do and say what you feel is moral in your own FUCKING pathetic lives. So stick to the topic and shut the FUCK up!! I agree breaking someones neck especially the last being of your own race is not in character. And as for wolverine he was one of my favorite super heroes now he has turned into one of the pussy critics critiquing your critiquing of these movies. Wolverine, I said it in the last 2 movies they put him in, they turned him into someone wolverine isnt. We should call him woof woof now. Btw write what you fucking feel not what some of these fucking moral pushing clowns think is acceptable in their world full of lies after they do all the shit their against and hide behind the closed door doing it. Keep it up.

  245. SKATE-MANsays:

    Muchas veces por cambiar algo de la historia se pierde por completo el concepto y terminan haciendo una muy mala película cuando el cómic o el libro así como esta es muy bueno.

  246. Ku92says:

    Man Of Steel has a lot concepts of the Comicbooks, I Mean Read the “Man Of Steel” series of John Byrne and you will see.

    In that Comics Superman Kills Zod, Faora and Quex-UL (The big guy)

  247. rmanspergersays:

    You should spell Alan Moore’s name correctly.

  248. Kevin Oropezasays:

    You went to far when you started talking unnecessary stuff about Spiderman.

  249. BassDroppah009says:

    “Cheesy All American hero” Just say you don’t like Superman, BTW, he killed Zod in the comics as well, in a different way but death is death

  250. shannonpotratzsays:

    First off, it’s not “Peter” Brock. It’s Eddie Brock. Second, we have Avi Arad to blame for Spider-Man 3, not Sam Raimi. Raimi didn’t want Venom in the film in the first place.

  251. Yeaton Cliftonsays:

    You have 8 movies that were not based on the comic books they were supposedly based on. Of the movies, I thought The Mask was very good. The question is whether it is always wrong to make a movie that does not follow its source material Blade Runner, The Man Who Fell to Earth and The Thing From Another World (1951) were lincensed versions of classic science fiction stories: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Farewell to the Master, and Who Goes There. The resemblance is tenuous at best. Of course, Amadeus is not based on the life of Mozart although in some sense it claims to be. All four of the films I just named are considered classics in some circles.

    I realize that hard core fans of Mask comic books still want a movie actually based on the comic book. I would also say 9 times out of ten, if you are adapting a comic book and take out important ideas, you will ruin the story. On the other hand, The Mask was a great movie at a time when they were not making a lot of great comic book movies and it did give us Cameron Diaz as a star. So, it was entirely justifiable.

    I will also say that the movies never ruin the comic books. After watching Watchmen, I did not like it much. I read the comic books later, and they are still brilliant works of art. It is probably easier to find the comic books in print because they made the movie that was not much like the comic book.

  252. Seansays:

    With the wolverine one, at the end he mentions how pissed off he was at deadpool getting his mouth shut. This is why you watch Marvel movies right to the end! THERE IS ALWAYS AN END SCENE AFTER CREDITS. Go back and watch it again… they legit just set it up so Deadpool would get his own movie (which someone recently made a trailer for btw)

  253. Optimist Primesays:

    If you want the exact stories from the comics maybe you should read the comics.

  254. You could have saved us all a LOT of scrolling and clicking if you would have just typed on the first page, “I just want the raping, killing and general mayhem in all the adult comics I love and nothing else.” Oh, “..and fuck Hollywood!”
    (I know I only used that word once but again, trying to save ad space..)

  255. Jem Mezasays:

    you need to cheek your source most of what you are writing about is just coming out of your ass its sad to see someone have such confidence in there lack of movie knowledge. zod has the same strength as superman there for superman fighting zod would be like a human fighting another human. and they have the same body type so there is little to no strength difference.

  256. Jem Mezasays:

    i just read the wolverine one and now i just have to tell you to go kill yourself you dont know shit. fucking idiot.

  257. Flasher14says:

    And, to verify your question about Superman not being able to tear off Zod’s head, you are forgetting that Zod, like Superman, has a body of steel, and when those two fight they can hurt each other just as much as any other average bar fight, except, with you know, a lot of flying and crashing through skyscrapers. Also, I LIKED Amazing Spiderman 2, apart from how they gave every damn character a sob story, the only thing I DIDN’T enjoy about that movie was how they skimped off Rhino until the last five minutes of the movie, which was a shame seeing as he was the character I was looking forward to the most.

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