8 Comic Book Movies That Clearly Didn’t Read Their Source Material


I need to ask Hollywood a question. I know they won’t answer me, but I really need to ask it, so here it goes: Why do you adapt material if all you plan on doing is shitting all over it? It has happened countless times with amazing books (I Am Legend, as a perfect example) and now it is happening more and more with comic book movies, too. Studios are handed perfect source material, and they feel the need to make it more “Hollywood.” Often, in that process, they seem to lose sight of the core ideas of the comic books they are adapting.

There are few things as enraging for your average fanboy as seeing a series or franchise they love being ruined for the sake of the big screen. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that awful feeling that the creators of the movie have never even read the comic book. The problem is, this is what typically happens with these types of films. Even in examples where it seems like they mostly got it right, if you look closely you will see that they clearly missed the mark and the message of the story.

The reality is, when I sat down to write this list, I realized just how many comic book movies missed the mark. It was way too many for one list. So, think of this as a sort of unofficial part one to this piece. These may be the most obvious examples of comic book movies that didn’t read the comic they were based on, but there are tons more.

So, without further ado, here are the eight comic book movies that I feel didn’t read the source material they were based on.