8 Times Sacha Baron Cohen Almost Ruined His Career For The Sake Of Comedy


Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to controversy. He’s considered to be one of the most successful comedians of the modern age, but that’s apparently not for his lack of trying to dismantle his own career by offending just about everyone on the planet.

Beginning with Da Ali G Show, and through his four ‘character’ movies, Sacha Baron Cohen has in his time aggravated a shocking range of people. Now, with his latest film, The Brothers Grimsby (check out the trailer above), he threatens to insult even more.

What you’ll find over the next few pages is a list of all the times Sacha Baron Cohen has been been sued, threatened by the establishment or offended whole nations; his most controversial, potentially career-ending moments.

He’s offended whole swathes of the world, but these are eight times when Baron Cohen’s career could have been derailed, all as a result of his heroic quest to make good comedy.