X-Men Star Says She’s Open To Returning For The MCU Reboot


Both of Hollywood’s premiere comic book shared mythologies are doubling down on the multiverse, and that’s inevitably created wave upon wave of rumors and speculation. So far, the only legacy player announced for Warner Bros. and DC Films’ The Flash is Michael Keaton, and even then he’s recently cast doubt on his involvement, but that hasn’t stopped almost anyone to have played a major role in one of the studio’s superhero blockbusters from being linked with a cameo.

Similarly, Jamie Foxx remains the only returnee confirmed for Spider-Man: Far From Home, although Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire feel like a certainty at this point, but there’ve been dozens upon dozens of names named in conjunction with both the web-slinging threequel and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, making it harder than ever to separate fact from fiction.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s X-Men reboot, meanwhile, is expected to wipe the slate clean, but the Hugh Jackman talk will never go away until Wolverine is recast, and several of Fox’s former mutants have also revealed that they’d be open to the possibility of reprising their roles. Famke Janssen is the latest to admit that she’d never turn down the opportunity outright, but she’s fully aware that it’s an unlikely proposition.

“Jean was such a wonderful character to play. Sophie Turner is doing such an amazing job, so I can’t imagine anybody like me coming back. But we’ve seen it obviously, with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, that we’ve seen in both incarnations the younger and older or more mature, or whatever the politically correct term for that is. But yeah, so it’d be great to come back, but let’s just see how life goes.”

We all thought the doors had been opened for some of Fox’s X-Men to show up in the MCU after Evan Peters’ WandaVision debut, but for now that doesn’t appear to be the case, although chatter persists that he’ll eventually be revealed as an alternate Pietro Maximoff all along. As for Janssen, it’s probably safe to assume at this stage that Marvel won’t be bringing her back as Jean Grey for the reboot.