Zachary Levi Still Hoping For Shazam! Vs. Black Adam Showdown


Surely it’s inevitable that we’ll be seeing Zachary Levi’s Shazam! and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam butt heads in the DCEU eventually, there are just far too many pieces already on the board, ones that are relatively easy to move around in order to make it a reality.

Obviously, the two characters are arch-enemies on the page and have been for a long time, while the very first movie Johnson’s Seven Bucks company produced that he didn’t also star in happened to be Shazam!. Teth-Adam was awarded his powers by the same wizard who gave them to Billy Batson, and Djimon Honsou has been confirmed to return in the role for Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which comes to theaters less than twelve months after Black Adam.

It’s all right there for everyone to see, so whether it happens in a third Shazam!, a second Black Adam or somewhere else, it should be a formality. However, Levi isn’t taking anything for granted, admitting that he doesn’t know for sure if the superpowered smackdown is a go, but he’s definitely crossing his fingers that it comes to fruition eventually.

“Like honestly, all those things are way above my pay grade. I have no idea how all of these things are going to ultimately carve up. I know that he’s a very busy man, and very successful. Again, very busy doing other movies. So, I don’t know if and when there is ever going to be that . I hope so! Given the comic and the canon and all that stuff, I think it would be a bummer if Captain Marvel and Black Adam didn’t have at least their one meeting, whatever that’s going to be. You know, I’ll just show up and put on the suit.”

Of course, one major obstacle could be Warner Bros. and DC Films, who love nothing more than to shake up canon and continuity on a regular basis. That being said, Shazam! was a genuine hit, Fury of the Gods is poised to perform even better and Black Adam sees The Rock starring in a blockbuster superhero epic, so there’s plenty of money to be made were the two costumed nemeses to face off.