Zack Snyder Says Infamous Justice League Whedon Cut Line Makes No Sense

Justice League

There are countless moments in the theatrical cut of Justice League that fans found cringe-worthy, and typically they were moments of forced humor clearly put in there by replacement director Joss Whedon. One example comes during the resurrected Superman’s fight with Batman, where the Man of Steel parodies a memorable line from Batman V Superman and asks the Dark Knight, “Do you bleed?”

The moment is intended as a humorous role reversal of how the line was originally deployed in BvS, with Bruce Wayne asking that of Kal-El, but most DC fans just hated it. And, surprising no one, it turns out that Zack Snyder doesn’t love this moment, either.

A fan asked the filmmaker on Vero whether this infamous line would be featured in the upcoming Snyder Cut, and his reply was priceless. “Uh no that literally makes no sense,” he said.

This could be a hilarious takedown of Whedon’s line, but it’s also possible that Snyder is genuinely confused by what the fan is talking about. The filmmaker has gone on record as saying that he’s never seen the theatrical cut of the movie and has no desire to, and he’s previously displayed confusion about certain scenes from the pic in similar ways to this. Either way, his response nails why the line fails to land: it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

In the not-so-distant future, though, the Snyder Cut is set to arrive and will no doubt supersede the theatrical version in terms of fan reaction. A new promo for it was just released today (see above) ahead of the full trailer that’s debuting via DC FanDome this Saturday. We may even get some other reveals, too, including a specific date for when we can expect to see it on HBO Max in 2021.