Zack Snyder Reportedly Angry At WB For Not Promoting Justice League Enough

Justice League

The massive success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League is made all the more impressive when you consider Warner Bros. and HBO Max hardly promoted it at all. The studio and streaming service’s respective marketing departments were obviously responsible for the myriad of posters, promos and TV spots in the buildup to release, but they hardly utilized the full weight of the in-house publicity machine.

Instead, the burden fell almost entirely on Snyder himself, and you couldn’t go anywhere in the weeks before his four-hour epic premiered without seeing an interview with the filmmaker. Even the cast barely got in on the act with the exception of some social media hype, but Snyder was making the rounds with a vengeance, showing up in print, on podcasts and everything in between with relentless regularity.

There were reports circulating not too long ago that said WB were furious with Snyder for investing so much of his time and effort, free of charge we should add, to give so many interviews regarding Justice League. And now, insider Daniel Richtman has offered up the intel that the director is angry at them as well, believing that they didn’t put in enough effort to increase awareness for the movie.

Of course, the higher ups at Warner Bros. want all of the SnyderVerse talk to disappear completely, while the architect of the DCEU’s mythology has been actively encouraging fans to watch both the regular and Justice Is Gray Edition on repeat to drive up viewership numbers. For all his talk about Justice League being the end of his time at the helm of a DCEU project, it’s evidently a lot more complicated and open-ended than that, and we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for the SnyderVerse from this point on.