Zack Snyder Reportedly Wants Joker And Mera In Lead Roles In Justice League 2


At this stage, a sequel to Zack Snyder’s Justice League is looking highly improbable, but given that the filmmaker was handed $70 million to completely re-edit the disaster that was released into theaters by Warner Bros. back in November 2017, it can’t be completely ruled out, either.

Snyder admits that the studio has no interest in seeing the DCEU’s all-stars rounded up again, at least not with him involved, and you can understand why. After all, by the time that HBO Max’s four-hour epic debuts next Thursday, WB will have funnelled well over $500 million into the entire Justice League saga from start to finish without seeing a single penny of profit on that eye-watering investment.

Indeed, we can all agree that the Snyder Cut only exists to drive up HBO Max subscriber numbers, with various reports indicating that the top brass are keen to wash their hands of the entire ordeal as soon as possible. But that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from going into overdrive, and if everything were to be taken as gospel, then we’d have Justice League sequels coming out of our ears over the next several years.

That being said, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Joker would be getting a new look in the Snyder Cut long before it was confirmed – that if the director does get the opportunity to craft a canonical follow-up, he wants Jared Leto’s Clown Prince of Crime and Amber Heard’s Mera to play significantly larger roles, with the hypothetical pitch based mostly around the Knightmare timeline, presumably so it doesn’t interfere with the DCEU’s continuity.

Of course, Justice League 2 is far from a realistic proposition, unless the Snyder Cut leads to universal critical acclaim and yet another relentless fan campaign demanding to see more. But as we mentioned above, it also can’t be entirely ruled out.