Zack Snyder Reportedly Wants To Kill Off [SPOILERS] In Justice League Snyder Cut

Justice League

Fans were right to be overjoyed when the Snyder Cut of Justice League was officially confirmed after two and a half years of online campaigning, but now that one of the most famous unseen movies in recent history is finally on the way to HBO Max, it may have inadvertently opened up an all-new can of worms in regards to the DCEU’s future.

The inevitable success of the Snyder Cut could potentially lead to a Justice League sequel, while there’s also speculation that Ava DuVernay’s New Gods might be forced to make some changes due to Darkseid’s heavy involvement in both projects, and Warner Bros.’ owners AT&T aren’t exactly going out of their way to deny the rumor that they want Ben Affleck back on board to make his version of The Batman.

Snyder has already claimed that the theatrical edition of Justice League only featured 25% of his footage, so it looks to be a given that the alternate take on the superhero blockbuster will be an altogether different animal, one that will be unrecognizable from the movie that disappointed critically and commercially and ultimately forced the studio into rethinking their approach to the entire franchise.

There were plenty of minor characters and subplots that were either glossed over or abandoned completely in the first attempt at Justice League, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Justice League Dark and Green Lantern shows were coming to HBO Max, both of which were correct – that the director wants to kill off one of the DCEU’s biggest supporting players.

According to our intel, if Snyder gets the go-ahead to reassemble the cast for reshoots, his hope is to bring Amy Adams back just so that he can have Darkseid kill Lois Lane. Of course, this was always his intention for Justice League dating back to the Flash’s cameo in Batman V Superman that ended up looking bizarrely out of place in retrospect, with Adams instead ending up with very little to do in the theatrical cut.

It’s unknown if the studio will give him the go-ahead for all the reshoots he wants, or even if Adams will be able to return, but it certainly appears as though the Snyder Cut is going to cost a lot more than the $30 million that was originally reported. Still, it could well turn out to be worth it if it ends up with Justice League finally turning a profit for WB after half a billion dollars’ worth of investment, as well as resulting in a much better-received and coherent story that finally brings the arc that kicked off in Man of Steel to a satisfying conclusion.