Zack Snyder shares unseen image of Ben Affleck’s Batman and his Batmobile

ben affleck batman

How long has it been since Zack Snyder was one of Twitter’s top trending topics? By our estimation, it’s been roughly 48 hours, so we were about due a resurgence on social media.

In a fortunate matter of happenstance, the filmmaker just so happened to be digging around in his cellphone, where he uncovered an image of Ben Affleck’s Batman standing next to his preferred mode of transport. Next thing you know, he was uploading said snap to Vero, the platform that most people have only heard of because Snyder has such a strong affinity for it.

From there, the picture made its way over to Twitter, where it was shared wildly by SnyderVerse enthusiasts, and… you know where this is all going, because we’ve all seen it happen before plenty of times. Again, roughly three or four times in the last week, by our count. Regardless, you can check it out below, because it sure is pretty.

We’re a little over three months away from The Batman coming to theaters, but fans still hold out hope that the Ben Affleck version will eventually materialize out of thin air. Whether it does or not, we can presumably rely on Snyder to keep dropping nuggets of never before seen visual aids like this one to keep appetites permanently whetted.