Zack Snyder Teases Big Justice League Reveal With New Photo

Justice League

The Snyder Cut of Justice League might not have even settled on an official title yet, but Zack Snyder has steadily been dropping plenty of tantalizing hints about what he has in store for his reassembled version of the infamously troubled box office dud.

The filmmaker’s excitement would already be more than evident without him admitting that he won’t be getting paid a penny by Warner Bros. to finally realize his original vision for the DCEU’s epic failure, and based on the images and footage we’ve seen so far, it looks like the Snyder Cut will be an entirely different experience from Joss Whedon’s maligned theatrical edition.

The re-designed Steppenwolf already looks ten times better in a low-resolution image than the poorly-rendered character that we first saw in Justice League, while the internet went wild at seeing Henry Cavill’s Superman clad in the iconic black suit. With Darkseid, black suit Superman and a new and massively improved Steppenwolf having been glimpsed already, the smart money is on Snyder dropping some huge bombs at this weekend’s DC FanDome event.

The director of Netflix’s upcoming zombie heist movie Army of the Dead hinted as much in a recent social media post, where he started the countdown to DC FanDome with a glimpse of an abandoned Wayne Manor set. See for yourself below:

Snyder’s latest reveal will no doubt increase the speculation surrounding a potential return to the DCEU for Ben Affleck as has been widely rumored, while FanDome seems like the ideal opportunity to debut a full-length trailer for the latest take on Justice League. Whatever happens, you can almost guarantee at this point that those who rallied behind the Snyder Cut campaign for two and a half years won’t be left disappointed by what he’s got in store.