Zack Snyder’s Justice League Merch Teases Green Lantern Appearance


Zack Snyder has always been evasive when it comes to dealing with the speculation that one or more members of the Green Lantern Corps could end up making an appearance in Justice League. In the theatrical version, there was a blink and you’ll miss it cameo during the opening battle, but the upcoming HBO Max exclusive is clearly going all-in on fan service.

After all, you don’t have Jared Leto return as the Joker despite the actor not even being a part of the project the first time Snyder was at the helm and have his big moment in the trailer start by him saying ‘we live in a society’ without having your finger on the pulse of giving the people what they want, and Snyder has never definitively ruled it out as of yet.

Not only that, but we already know that Harry Lennix is set to become Martian Manhunter in a subplot that was excised from the initial cut of the movie, so there are clearly no issues with throwing more superheroes into the mix. Now, adding even more fuel to the fire, some new Justice League merchandise has surfaced that gives the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps a prominent place alongside the insignias of the team’s other members, and you can check it out below.

There was speculation in the buildup towards Snyder’s reshoots that Ryan Reynolds could end up playing Hal Jordan again, but that felt more like wishful thinking more than anything rooted in reality. However, it definitely isn’t outside the realm of possibility that we’ll get a much closer look at the Green Lanterns when Justice League hits HBO Max next month, especially with an extended Knightmare sequence and completely different opening and closing battles being added into the mix that’ll no doubt be packed full of Easter Eggs.