10 Artists To Name Drop At Movement Detroit 2015


You can draw a lot of conclusions about a person just by learning that they’ve bought tickets to Movement Detroit. Think about it: They could have spent that same kind of money going to any of the numerous festivals whose lineups are packed with chart-topping names – but unless they’re some kind of serial festivalgoer, they opted instead to attend a massive dedicated to techno, in the obscure genre’s gritty birthplace no less.

This means one of two things: They’re either a seasoned dance music purist whose discerning tastes have been steeped in cramped ‘90s warehouses with sweat dripping from the ceilings, or they’re a recent EDM generation transplant ready to eagerly dive down the rabbit hole that is the electronic underground. Since the former wouldn’t be caught dead reading anything other than Resident Advisor or Mixmag, we’ll take the liberty of assuming that you’re the latter.

Never to fear, music snob in training, because We Got You Covered has got you… well, covered. As we talked about last week, Movement has released each of its stages’ slot-by-slot lineups and we’ve been dying for an opportunity to tell you which artists you’re supposed to like. Since techno all probably still kind of sounds the same to you (which you definitely shouldn’t admit out loud anywhere on or around the festival grounds, by the way), we even sprinkled a few other musical styles into your agenda!

The following ten artists are slated to perform sets that you absolutely can’t miss if you plan to check out the 2015 edition of Movement Detroit from May 23rd-25th – lest you pass up all the sweet, delicious street cred that taking part in the festivities entitles you.