10 Sets That Will Show You A Different Side Of EDC Las Vegas


There are two kinds of people in the world: People who are going to Electric Daisy Carnival, and people who are everything that’s wrong with the world. No, not really, we’re just kidding… Kind of.

Because if you’ve been going to these events, it honestly does sort of feel that way. No matter how emotionally bankrupt the electronic music scene has become over the years, you know how you felt the first time you danced under the electric sky – and you keep coming back year after year in hopes that you’ll feel a little of that same magic, even though times have changed so much.

Perhaps all it takes is seeing something for the first time once more. You can only catch the same couple dozen artists play the Kinetic Field main stage so many years in a row, after all; if dance music is gonna save your life all over again, you need to go out of your way to uncover its hidden gems.

…And luckily for you, we’ve already given you a head start. The following ten artists will make you rediscover Electric Daisy Carnival in a way that’ll make you glad you returned.