10 Sets That Will Show You A Different Side Of EDC Las Vegas

1) Dr. Fresch

This Los Angeles-based artist makes bold, sexy house music that hints at the French G-house movement that’s been bringing the heat to the dance floors in recent years. An import of Insomniac’s Project Discovery, he made his EDC debut in 2014 and they brought him back to rock the decks for another year.

Dr. Fresch is a name to look out for as the younger generation of music fans abandon drops for grooves – a fresh face in a part of the scene so dominated by elder statesmen.

2) Amine Edge & Dance

…That said, no conversation about G-house is complete without a mention of Amine Edge & Dance. These French DJs are known for uploading more live sets than any of us can realistically listen to in our free time, with each performance seamlessly blending elements of house music with hip-hop and R&B vocals.

Amine Edge & Dance are quickly becoming a household name in the global dance music market, so get acquainted with them now while they’ll still bolster your street cred.