5 Reasons To Make Groove Cruise Your First Cruise Ship Festival


5) Groove Cruise Predates Other Popular Cruise Ship Festivals

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If you haven’t figured out that tenure is everything in the world of electronic music, you must be new here. Don’t worry about whether or not the music you like is actually any good; as long as you were into it before this whole movement blew up, you’re automatically better than everyone who wasn’t. That’s dance music 101.

So, if you take take that concept and apply it to cruise ship festivals, it should be obvious that GC is the best by a wide margin. While Holy Ship! will only be adding a fourth exclamation mark to its title next year and Mad Decent Boat Party just wrapped up its second annual sailing, Groove Cruise boasts a whopping 11 consecutive years of marrying luxury cruises with face-melting beats – and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

4) There Are Annual Groove Cruise Sailings In Both L.A. And Miami

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Out of all the cities in the U.S., it’s not too bold an assertion to suggest that the two with the highest concentration of electronic music fans are L.A. and Miami. Even though house music originated in Chicago, the former two cities’ booming entertainment markets made for a perfect storm by which the advent of dance music became intertwined with each one’s local nightlife culture for well over two decades.

As such, if you’re the kind of festival goer who prefers to build the rest of each trip around music as well, you can’t go wrong with either sailing. Upon its first departure from Long Beach in September of 2013, GCLA became the first fully chartered cruise ship festival on the West Coast – and while GC’s organizers have yet to announce the 2016 dates for GCLA, GC Miami is slated to take place from January 22nd-26th.

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