5 Artists You Can’t Miss At Decadence NYE Colorado



Seattle-based midtempo/downtempo/really-hard-to-categorize duo ODESZA are no newcomers to the Colorado music scene. During their early 2015 tour alone, for instance, they played three different gigs in the Centennial State and returned to Denver as recently as October.

Nonetheless, between their rich aural dreamscapes and their improvisational use of live controllers during their sets, ODESZA stand out as one of the most engaging and respectable acts to surface as a result of the EDM movement.

What So Not


It seemed like the end of What So Not when one half of the outfit (which most critics speculated to have been the better half, at that) called it quits to pursue his own project full time. If what the duo just released as their last effort together is any indication, though, What So Not still has a bright future ahead as Emoh Instead carries on the group’s legacy while Flume works on his solo career.

The Gemini EP accomplished everything that What So Not has always been capable of, but without trying to recapture the glory of a bygone era. Seeing as how it’s been less than two weeks since its release, fans can expect to be treated to its genre-bending rhythms during What So Not’s main stage set.