5 Artists You Can’t Miss At Decadence NYE Colorado


8_Bassnectar_aLIVE-Coverage-for-Insomniac-4 (1)

If you don’t like Bassnectar, you’re just not that Colorado. Dubstep may have been the awkward teenager phase that the rest of the electronic music world prefers not to talk about nowadays, but for music fans in the mile high, it’s a way of life.

Bassnectar’s not strictly a dubstep DJ/producer by any means, but with acts like Pretty Lights and GRiZ blazing the state’s musical trails, its festival goers expect acts with more dimension anyways. Given that Lorin’s been a bass music pioneer since the turn of the century, he more than fits the bill.

Hot Since 82


On the opposite end of the spectrum, though, is Denver’s rapidly growing house and techno underground. In what feels like a direct response to the culture of excess surrounding contemporary EDM events, warehouse parties at which DJs cue up nothing but four-four beats provide an arguably more sophisticated alternative to the status quo.

British house music DJ/producer Hot Since 82 is certain to resonate well with this growing subset of the electronic music community. Aside from his already impressive credentials, he consistently puts out music which meets the sometimes impossibly high standards of dance music’s intellectual elite.