Adele says she looks ‘like Voldemort’ without one important step in her beauty routine

by Keane Eacobellis

Despite being one of the world’s best-selling musical artists, the refreshingly relatable singer-songwriter Adele is the best person to go to for hot takes on Adele.

In the latest moment of humility, the “Easy On Me” singer left her signature cat-eye in the hands of beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials, and in this case, we do mean just one eye. Nikkie de Jager’s signature is making up half the face of celebrities like Kim Kardashian in her Power of Makeup series.

There’s a hilarious part about eight and a half minutes in the video where the two take a sip of wine and get talking about eyebrows, apropos of the banter familiar to the show’s format. The singer then bluntly admits that if her eyebrows aren’t dyed, “I look like Voldemort,” or sometimes, “Like an elfling or something.”

She avoided going He Who Must Not Be Named during the pandemic by learning to dye her own eyebrows with supplies she bought on Amazon, so that’s a skill she has you’d probably have an easier time taking up that songwriting.

At the end of the video, Adele takes in her half made-up face and praises the upgrade, “Wow, that’s wild. I’m like the Joker in a great way.”

Earlier this week, it was announced the singer is headed for Las Vegas for a three-month residency from January to April next year at the Colosseum at Ceasars Palace. Take it from Adele, you want to get your eyebrows done before heading to the desert.