Alison Wonderland Drops New Song “Messiah” With M-Phazes


After debuting her as of yet unreleased remix of Lido‘s “Crazy” during a DJ set earlier in the week, Alison Wonderland is back today with her brand new single titled “Messiah.” The Australian producer burst onto the scene with her unique blend of self-styled pop and futuristic trap workouts, impressing listeners with her debut album Run in 2015. It’s been a while since Wonderland has offered up an original tune, but her new collaboration with M-Phazes definitely serves as a welcome return.

“Messiah” opens with a restrained introduction, as modulated vocal samples run along sparse synth plucks, before Alison Wonderland’s recognizable vocal delivery takes over. The energy picks up moving into the drop, as soothing vocal chop melodies take the lead over uplifting trap beats and staccato bass stabs.

“Messiah” offers up all the trademark elements we’ve come to expect from Alison Wonderland, as she lays down some catchy vocals over a forward thinking production that blends the best of pop and dance music. With such a lengthy break between original releases, the pressure was definitely on for the new single to be a strong one, and the Aussie DJ does not disappoint.