Connor Jones’ Top 10 Remixes Of 2015

DJ-Skrillex-Ungkap-Preview-Remix-Barunya-Dari-Lagu-TORRO-TORRO (1)

2015 was a big year for EDM, a moment that will go down in music history as a turning point for the genre as it made the transition from the underground fringe to full-blown mainstream popularity.

As EDM gained greater exposure in the mainstream world of music consumption, one of its most beloved practices, the art of remixing, saw a boost in popularity as well. The remix is an art form close to the heart of electronic music, allowing artists to transform a previously established product into something entirely new, fostering a collaborative and open community among like minded creators.

With a number of EDM singles hitting the pop charts, remixers flooded the internet with re-imaginings of their favorite songs, with varying levels of success. With such a high volume of works produced, there were bound to be great tracks and terrible tracks alike, but I’ve done my best to go back through the last twelves months and choose the best.

So, without further ado, read on for my 10 favorite remixes from 2015.