Britney Spears teases first new song after conservatorship

Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Britney Spears took Instagram on Dec. 22 to inform her fans that new music may be on the way.

This announcement comes a month after a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge terminated the singer’s conservatorship. This ruling gave Spears the ability to manage her reported $60 million estate after a 13-year battle. The court-ordered arrangement began in 2008 after the “Toxic” vocalist’s public breakdown, but the legal arrangement has been heavily criticized lately for how strict it was given Spears’ capability of taking care of herself.

In the post, Spears — doing vocal exercises in what appears to be her bathroom– claimed the reason behind the upload was to be her own cheerleader, given the undisclosed experiences she went through with her family.

She said while listing her career accomplishments, “I just realized this today guys … after what my family tried to do to me three years ago … I needed to be my own cheerleader !!!! God knows they weren’t…so I just read up on my self and this is what I found:⁣ Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning pop icon Britney Spears is one of the most successful and celebrated entertainers in pop history with nearly 100 million records sold worldwide. In the U.S. alone, she has sold more than 70 million albums, singles and songs, according to Nielsen Music.⁣”

Also, in the upload, it mentioned how Spears sold 33.6 million albums in the United States and is ranked “as the 18th-best selling album artist in Nielsen era.” Other accomplishments included radio airplay, audio and video streams in the United States.

Spears wrapped up her statement by informing her fans she wasn’t auditioning for anything but rather reminding herself of who she is. She said while teasing new music, “No … I’m not auditioning for anything !!!! I’m reminding myself and the world of who I am !!!! Yes … I will be my own cheerleader … why ???? I’m here to remind my white “classy” family that I haven’t forgotten what they did to me nor will I ever forget !!!!⁣ Pssss new song in the works … I’m gonna let you know what I mean.”

Spears did not give any additional details about the music, but given that the singer has more to say than ever, fans are eager to hear her express herself.