The 10 Best Coachella Performances Of All-Time


Every year, Coachella seems to do something new and different that propels its status of “America’s Greatest Music Festival” to an even higher level than ever before. It has had its fair share of shockers, surprises and highlights since its inception back in 1999, but the real reason why everyone treks out into the middle of the California desert is because of the abundance of musical performances – and maybe to have an excuse to wear one of those flower crowns, too.

Whether you’re there to see one of your favorite artists, or maybe to find a brand new obsession altogether, the multi-weekend event is always full of some pretty great sets that are sure to satisfy fans of all genres. And so, while we wait to see what 2017’s outing has in store for us, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the best performances that ever graced a Coachella stage….