Get Down To DubVision’s “Sweet Harmony”


It’s safe to assume that DubVision were thinking of closing 2015 out with a bang while putting together this track. For the better part of the year, the duo have been responsible for the kind of progressive house that makes teenage girls jump up and down in front of festival main stages – going so far as to collaborate with Dash Berlin on “Yesterday’s Gone,” even – but their latest release, “Sweet Harmony,” sees a high-energy departure from that trend.

Of course, that’s not to say that DubVision’s stylistic hallmarks aren’t present throughout; the song is titled “Sweet Harmony,” after all. Several measures of a single piano chord repeat until a pitch bend sweeps the rug out from under them, at which point a melodic sting and vocal sample trigger a relentless barrage of frequency-modulated effects. The preview only runs a little over 1:30, so DubVision fans will have to wait for the full release to hear anything past that.

Speaking of which, “Sweet Harmony” is slated to come out through Musical Freedom Recordings on January 4th. Listen to the preview clip above and let us know if you like DubVision‘s stylistic aberration in the comments section below.