John Cameron’s 10 Best Electronic Music Albums Of 2015


2015 has been something of a landmark year for full-length albums in the electronic music genre. In a way, it’s a sign of the times. The EDM movement has reached what many speculate will be remembered as its peak, and in an effort to stay relevant in the mainstream market, tastemakers of the genre have spent more time on original productions.

The trend has ultimately translated to a higher number of studio efforts from EDM artists hitting the market over the past couple of years – including many hot-button artists of dance music’s bygone era managing to prove that they can still compete in the modern arena.

Despite being one of the most subversive names in electronic music and having recently returned from an extended hiatus from performing, Aphex Twin won a Grammy in the Best Dance/Electronic Album category for last year’s Syro, for instance. Were there ever a milestone for electronic music albums, that would be it.

As all things EDM have reached a monumental height, it comes as no surprise that many of this year’s electronic music albums would exceed those that came before them in originality, production values and sheer concept.

And so, on that note, check out my picks for the 10 best electronic music albums of 2015, and as always, let us know if I missed any in the comments section below.