You Need To Hear Shaun Frank And KSHMR’s Heaven


You don’t always yield good music just by putting two world-class artists together on a track – but then again, sometimes you do. Shaun Frank and KSHMR are two artists whose respective bodies of work certainly stand up on their own (despite the latter artist only recently playing his first live gig), but what they’ve put together for “Heaven” makes us hope they’ve got more projects in the works together.

It certainly doesn’t hurt the song’s case that Delaney’s spirited vocal hooks the listener right off the bat. When the piano melody that underscores it gives way to an emphatic uplift, however, is when Frank and KSHMR’s influences stand out the most.

Frank’s unique style of future house dominates the breakdown, while KSHMR flexes his muscles as the producer’s producer that he is with a barrage of incidentals that would almost be too much if they weren’t just enough. An unexpected string section closes the arrangement out intelligently, reinforcing the track’s central chord progression through the last measure.

Shaun Frank and KSHMR’s “Heaven” is future house done right – if it’s even appropriate to lump it into such a category. Stay on the lookout for more from each artist, and drop a comment below if you would like to see them collaborate more often.