Kanye West Holds Sunday Service Dedicated To “The Loved Ones At Astroworld”

Kanye West

Kanye West (or now just simply Ye) today held his latest Sunday Service performance live on Triller and Revolt’s YouTube channels dedicating the performance to the lives tragically lost at this weekend’s Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas.

Going live on the Kanye West YouTube page alongside Triller’s and Revolt’s, a message was displayed stating that today’s Sunday Service would be in “dedication to the loved ones of Astroworld.”

The event over the weekend headlined by rapper Travis Scott turned into mayhem after crowd surging left at least eight people dead and injuring many more among the packed crowd estimated to have been around 50,000 people.

Following the incident, Scott put out a statement sharing his prayers to the families and all those who were impacted by the events that occurred at Astroworld. The rapper has come under fire from fans for his lack of action during his performance to assist medical officials or stop the show.

Today, two days following the tragedy, Ye held his second Sunday Service performance in the last two weeks, with the previous being held on Oct. 31.

The performance which is currently airing on YouTube at the time of writing this is similar to other performances by the gospel group seeing performances including medleys of Ye’s music.

If you missed the performance and want to check it out for yourself it will likely be available to view on the Revolt or Triller YouTube channels in its entirety after the live stream comes to an end.