Malaa And Tchami Join Forces On “Prophecy”


Following up on the release of his debut EP, Illicit, earlier this summer, Malaa‘s anticipated collaboration with French producer Tchami is finally out this week. We first got wind of the tune when a low quality rip surfaced on SoundCloud at the beginning of the month, but now “Prophecy” has officially dropped and we can hear it in its full glory.

A shuffling house beat sets the pace for “Prophecy” before the tune is stripped back into a stark breakdown with ambient synths and echoed vocal samples as growing percussion sweeps into the speakers. Moving into the drops, Malaa and Tchami strike the perfect balance between their usual styles of G-house and future house, as deep rubbery bass hits collide against the steady pounding of the drums.

Malaa and Tchami are some of the most watched producers in house right now and the two don’t disappoint on their collaborative effort. On “Prophecy,” they manage to blend their styles seamlessly while still bringing their unique sounds to the table, delivering a solid romp primed for the dancefloors.

And of course, now that they’ve officially collaborated it may put to bed past speculation that Malaa is the side project of Tchami and DJ Snake.