Martin Garrix Reveals His Ambitions To Cross Over Into Pop


During a recent interview with Times of India, Martin Garrix revealed that his ambitions lie far beyond the confines of dance music. The DJ, who recently took home some major awards at the MTV EMA’s, candidly discussed a range of topics in the Q&A session, talking about his role in the upcoming documentary What We Started, while offering up some insight into his creative process as well.

In the interview, Garrix explains that he wants to go the route of DJs like Calvin Harris and Avicii and make the full transition into mainstream pop. We’ve already seen the Dutch producer headed in this direction with the radio friendly “In The Name Of Love” with Bebe Rexha from earlier in the year, and it’s definitely a direction we’d like to see him explore more.

“I want to produce more number one hits but not follow trends blindly! What I really hope to achieve in the long-term is to get that cross-over status such as Calvin Harris and Avicii. I’d love to be a household name in pop music.”

He also touched upon the recently unveiled What We Started project, an ambitious documentary that will detail the rise of EDM and is set to be hosted by Garrix himself along with Carl Cox. In a quote, he talked about what it was like working with the veteran DJ.

“He is such a legend and has been doing this for 30 years, which is something I really look up to. I admire and respect Carl, he has so much positive energy. I’m very humbled and excited to be a part of this project! He is an amazing guy who has been in the scene for a long time. I remember listening to his music when I was younger, so to be featured in this next to him is amazing.”

Lastly, Garrix discussed his creative process, while possibly making a big reveal about future material along the way.

The hardest part for me is to finish a track. I start new projects all the time. I make drafts and then we have a sit-down with my team, and we discuss which track would be dope with a particular singer. Then we send it to them and they start writing lyrics, or I’ll send it to them with me humming a melody. This way, I slowly see my album taking shape. Some people enjoy gaming or drawing, for me this is it. You start out with nothing, and with different sounds, you complete the puzzle.