Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Playlists For The Apocalypse


It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – R.E.M

A silly end-of-the-world anthem that will put a smile on your face, just when you need it most.

Aerials – System Of A Down

We don’t know how the world ended yet. Maybe it actually won’t be zombies? If it were aliens, this would be the perfect anthem.

Shame – Wu-Tang Clan

This is for when you need to use a baseball bat to can-open some brains. Undead bashin’ time!

What’s This? – Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

Perhaps this song, where Jack sings about everything being brand new and covered in white (ash in our world) would be the perfect song to spin how you look at your new situation.

Porcelain – Moby

Alright, we are taking a step back for this track. A late night song to listen to when you need to reflect and shed some tears.

Idioteque – Radiohead

The frantic pacing of this song is the perfect tempo if you need to run, fast and far. Pumps you up and gives just the adrenaline you need.

Lost Cause – Beck

Listen, we might be in over our heads here. We may be doomed, depending on scenario, and we need an incredibly depressing song playing to remind ourselves that our mission may be pointless and futile. This song will do that.

Passenger – Deftones

Do you know how much time you may be spending in a car after the world ends? You may just drive around, from town to town, looking for other survivors. On those days, this song will be the perfectly ironic anthem.

Up In Here – DMX

Listen, the moment will arise when you surely need to stomp on some skulls, Ed Norton style. And when those moments do arise, you want to ensure you have the best song to listen to that will help maximize your damage output. This IS that song.

What A Wonderful WorldLouie Armstrong

Ironic and haunting, no? In “What A Wonderful World,” you have the one song that will remind you just how much you have lost, and at the same time, make you feel so lucky for what you still have. Yes, it will make you cry and think of all the hardships and death you have experienced, but in the same breath, it will cause you to look at the sky and realize just how truly beautiful life still is, even amid the end times.

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