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New court documents allege Britney Spears’ father made millions off the conservatorship and monitored her therapy notes

According to new court documents, Jamie Spears made over $6 million over the course of the conservatorship.

Matthew Rosengart, attorney for Britney Spears, is ready to go to court and aid Spears in the legal battle against her father. After her conservatorship ended in November, Spears began taking steps to gain freedom, but the road has not been easy or painless.

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Documents filed on Wednesday show that James Spears took over $6 million from his daughter throughout her conservatorship and her team says he should have no trouble paying his own legal fees after allegations were made that he “petitioned for fees to be paid to dozens of different law firms” for “more than $30 million,” NBC News reports

NBC News also reports that Mr. Spears took the funds and used them for his own purposes, including an attempt to revitalize his cooking career with a TV show in 2015.

“After extracting those funds, he used them for his own purposes and aggrandizement, including among other things, to try to recreate his career as a cook by pitching a television show called Cookin’ Cruzin’ & Chaos with James Spears.”

The documents allege that Mr. Spears is attempting to take even more money from his daughter, and if he’s already gone through the millions he previously took from her, Mr. Spears should seek council that he can pay for on his own. Jamie Spears took home $6,314,307.99 over the course of the conservatorship.

“Mr. Spears, an ignominiously-suspended conservator — of a conservatorship that has been terminated — now seeks to siphon even more money from his daughter.”

Rosengart also brings up the notion that Mr. Spears used the conservatorship to cash out on his daughter’s earnings for himself and those he was close to — further taking advantage of his daughter in a terrible way.

“Although Mr. Spears contended that his daughter needed the Conservatorship because she was incapable of caring for herself or her affairs, Mr. Spears was intent on ensuring that she continued to generate significant earnings, a sizeable portion of which he distributed to himself and those within his inner circle.

The filing also included a declaration from Sherine Ebadi, an investigator and former F.B.I. agent working for Britney’s legal team, according to People. The declaration alleges that Jamie hired Black Box Security to Britney’s private phone conversations with her lawyer, her children, and her now-fiancé Sam Agashi, as well as “specific items from Ms. Spears’s iCloud, such as therapy notes or text message.” Jamie allegedly also kept track of the GPS locations of people associated with Britney, including “former romantic interests.”

Rosengart also sent a cease-and-desist order to Jamie Lynn Spears on Britney’s behalf.

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