Swifties outraged when ‘Out of The Woods’ is declared one of Taylor Swift’s worst songs

Taylor Swift fans aren’t “Out of the Woods” yet. That’s because the aforementioned track by the singer-songwriter has unceremoniously been put on British Glamour‘s list of worst songs by the artist, enraging many Swifties online.

This all stems from the article above, in which the magazine took to Twitter Monday to release a list of Swift’s all-time best songs in honor of her 32nd birthday. However, the article also included her worst songs, “if that’s even possible,” as the official publication’s Twitter account noted. Still, they should have predicted some bad blood.

Many fans of the artist, whose track “Out of the Woods” appeared on the celebrated 2014 album 1989, were none too pleased with the designation, with one user even calling it a form of “violence” on this “holy day.”

Another user was quick to point out how the lack of a “Taylor’s Version” of “Out of the Woods” spurring the track to trend is just further proof that we live in, well, a society.

Another user declared neither “Out of the Woods” nor “…Ready For It?” belonged on the list.

Suffice it to say, this fan was having none of it.

Notably, the inclusion of a couple of Swift’s bigger hits from 1989, “Bad Blood” and “Shake It Off,” didn’t draw the same opposition.

Whether you love “Out of the Woods” or hate it, there’s plenty of other songs to choose from in the artist’s catalog, including a duo of parsed down acoustic folk-rock albums released in 2020 — Folklore and Evermore — the latter of which recently scored a nominated for a Grammy this year.

In addition, last month, Swift also re-released one of her classic albums as Red (Taylors Version) to much acclaim. With 1989 (Taylor’s Version) coming out somewhere down the line, there will be a new recording of “Out of the Woods” for Swifties to disagree about in the future.