Taylor Swift Reportedly Making Hip-Hop Music With Drake


When news hit the other week that Taylor Swift and Drake were cooking something up together in the studio, speculation brewed about what exactly it could be for, and more importantly, what it would sound like. Is it poppier Drake music, or just Drake songs featuring a Taylor guest appearance? Turns out, it’s something well beyond our wildest imagination.

According to sources close to the artists, Swift is reportedly working on music that’s “a real mix of edgier hip-hop and R&B sounds.” The link up with Drake was to give her new tunes an urban feel, and along with him producing some of the tracks, he also lent some of those smooth vocals to a song, too. Is a “Best Rap Song” Grammy Award nomination in the cards for her in the future?

An R&B/hip-hop version of Taylor emerged, apparently, following the success of her “Bad Blood” single with Kendrick Lamar, so that remix will ultimately be to blame if this new musical venture turns out to be a catastrophe. Then again, nobody was expecting her to turn into a superstar pop mogul following her debut country album – so when it comes to Taylor Swift, perhaps the best response to anything she does in the studio is to just sit back and watch it happen, because it’s probably going to be a massive success.