Tchami And Malaa’s “Prophecy” Gets Massive Remix Pack


Back in September, Tchami and Malaa teamed up to deliver “Prophecy,” a hard hitting collaboration that offered up the best of both producer’s styles with an electrifying blend of future house and G house. This week we’re revisiting the single as it becomes the subject of a new five track remix EP, with mixes from Kyle Watson, Senor Roar, Michael Sparks, Badjokes, and Jace Mek.

Across five tracks, the “Prophecy” remix EP offers up a slew of reinterpretations of the tune’s bass heavy house rhythms, with none of the mixers straying too far from the original version. Up first is Kyle Watson’s rework, which leads with shuffling beats, muted bass riffs and haunting ambience. Senor Roar follows suit with an aggressive bass house rendition, infusing his remix with metallic growling synths, driving rhythms and cascading build ups.

Michael Sparks takes the tune into similarly low end friendly territory, carving out intense rhythms with screeching bass and offbeat drum hits. Badjokes delivers a pounding future bass workout, before Jace Mek brings the collection to an end with a sprawling house re-imagining, complete with drifting synths, funky electronic rhythms and four on the floor drum patterns.

The remix pack for Tchami and Malaa’s collaboration is interesting in the way it maintains the original single’s identity across its five tracks, while offering up a number of subtle variations with more than enough dancefloor appeal to keep listeners satisfied.