Text from Kanye West’s former trainer Harley Pasternak reportedly leaked, ‘Play date with the kids just won’t be the same’

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

A threatening text message allegedly sent to Kanye West by his former fitness trainer Harley Pasternak is circulating on social media. Redditor LookAtSven took to the r/GoodAssSub to share a screen capture of a disturbing message allegedly sent to West by Pasternak.

The screen capture was posted by rapper Consequence, a musical collaborator of West’s, who seems to want to defend his friend. The language used seems consistent with an attempt to manipulate the recipient of the text with a carrot-and-stick approach. The threats of institutionalization and medication seem intended to frighten the recipient into compliance with the sender’s conditions.

The text was published without context and may not accurately depict the sender’s true intentions. However, if it is genuine, it appears to support West’s claim that he was manipulated and drugged into compliance by Pasternak.

FriendsDontGetAlong saw the texts as a chilling vindication of West.

BatGameMan was appalled by the text. They suggested that the message might be evidence of malpractice.

PorkelDragon was particularly troubled by the sender’s perverse suggestion that the recipient would be too impaired to parent their children. They were alarmed by the cruelty of the text and called out Pusha T for his relationship with Pasternak.

Other fans like SmithDog223 were similarly disappointed with Pusha T’s friendship with Pasternak, in light of his conflict with Kanye and the aggressive text he allegedly sent.

Whether or not the screen capture is authentic remains to be seen. Either way, the language used in the text is clearly unacceptable and abusive. Perhaps it will exonerate West and shed more light on the driving forces behind his recent struggles.