The Chainsmokers Give An Uber Driver A Surprise Visit In This “Roses” Video


In an era during which it often feels like every idea under the sun has already been done, it’s refreshing to watch a music video that demonstrates how artists can use the medium to connect with their fans in ways that nobody’s attempted yet. The Chainsmokers may have waited half a year to release an official music video for “Roses,” but considering how engaging the final product turned out to be, we can let it slide this time around.

As you can tell from the footage above, Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers dropped in on a random Uber driver named Jonathan to make this video. Jonathan not only recognized them but happened to be a big enough fan of their music to put on “Roses” and sing along with it over the course of the ride to one of their performances. The duo then enlisted him to play the track to more of his customers, then montaged all of the dash cam footage together after the fact to yield this video.

While they make it clear that Uber did not sponsor this whole thing in any way, it still makes for a very entertaining example of how artists of any kind can find creative ways to use modern technology to connect them with their fans. Given that The Chainsmokers have made a reputation for themselves as idea men of sorts since “#SELFIE” propelled them into the international spotlight, this is definitely a fitting means of promoting their brand.