Unreleased Justice Track “Alakazam” Leaks Ahead Of Album


Anticipation for Justice‘s upcoming album Woman is markedly high. Over the last several months we’ve slowly gotten new information about the duo’s third studio outing, with a few singles finally surfacing over the summer to satiate our desire for new material from the electro pioneers. First up was “Safe and Sound,” a classic French house tune with a disco influenced production. More recently, Justice dropped a video for “Randy,” an industrial techno leaning track that still embodies the group’s influential style.

As fans continue to thirst for the album to be heard in full, our third taste of the record comes in the form of a leaked track titled “Alakazam.” The song kicks off with a funky drumloop and swanky slap bass riffs, leading into retro moog synths that take over with a somewhat haunting vibe while maintaining an infectious, danceable quality.

The throwback synth work on “Alakazam” is pulled off with perfect execution and Justice deliver a a satisfyingly classic production. Every song we’ve heard off the forthcoming album so far has set the bar high for the group’s next full length studio effort and we can’t wait for it to finally drop on November 18.