The Weeknd Will Premiere Two New Songs Tomorrow


The Weeknd unveiled his latest attempt to hold fans over til the release of his upcoming album, Starboy, and it involves not one — but two new songs that’ll drop by tomorrow. Posting on Twitter, the singer tweeted out the cover art to both of the songs that are titled “Party Monster” and “I Feel It Coming” — the latter being yet another collaboration with Daft Punk.

The cover art for both tracks are on point just like the rest of the art has been so far from this era. The Weeknd has basically nailed that dark and gritty aesthetic across visual components to Starboy, but he’s shown it off well through the music, too. That’s, of course, the most important part to his announcement, and we’ll get to see what kind of vibe these songs have to them. Both previously-released songs, “Starboy” and “False Alarm,” had lively tones to them, so does he dial it down with these new ones and potentially drop a ballad on us? With Daft Punk contributing again, the sky’s the limit, and we can’t wait to hear what will be in store.

Starboy is nearly a week away from its arrival on November 25th. To no surprise, we still haven’t gotten a track listing yet — but two new lengths are listed on the record’s iTunes album page, and that falls in line with the impending release of “Party Monster” and “I Feel It Coming.” Both songs are listed as clocking in at over four minutes with one being the record’s closer. Even though we’ll have to wait a little longer to hear The Weeknd’s Starboy in full, we might be able to hear how it ends very soon.