WGTC Premiere: Official Music Video For Vicetone’s “Siren”


Dutch progressive house duo Vicetone must have known they had a hit on their hands with “Siren” featuring Pia Toscano well in advance. It hasn’t even been a month since they released the track, but they’ve already unveiled a cinematic music video to accompany its festival-friendly rhythms.

The clip depicts a man trying to track down a lost love, presumably in the wake of some sort of tragic misadventure. In between locating her belongings in the forest where the video is set, he intermittently catches glimpses of her ethereal visage which spur him forward to the next step of the breadcrumb trail.

“Siren” is but one of five songs on Vicetone’s Aurora EP, which came out through Spinnin’ Records around the same date. Upon its release, we said that the track has “all the ingredients necessary for it to spread through the festival circuit at an unstoppable pace,” and that sentiment hasn’t changed.

Needless to say, if “Siren” wasn’t already well on its way to becoming a 2016 festival staple, then its official music video will definitely serve to establish it as such.

Be sure to keep an eye on Vicetone in the coming months, as they’re certain to follow it up with more of the same.