What Is DJ Khaled’s Net Worth?

Even though he may not be an actual artist, DJ Khaled has been responsible for a long list of hits that dominated the charts in the mid-2000s. He’s worked with a hoard of accomplished artists, including Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Drake, T-Pain, Rick Ross, and even Justin Bieber, to name a few. Many of his albums are compilation projects that feature other artists, as many DJ albums are, but each one has been enough to solidify him as a fixture in hip hop and pop culture.

With his impressive discography, it would make sense that Khaled has earned himself enough money to retire early if he wanted to. After all of his success as a DJ and record producer, how much is he actually worth?

Born Khaled Mohamed Khaled on November 26th, 1975, Khaled started his career as a DJ on the Miami hip hop radio station 99 Jamz. Through his job at the station, Khaled became friends with New York rapper Fat Joe and soon joined the group Terror Squad as their official DJ. After making his mark as a beatmaker, Khaled produced and released his debut album, Listennn: The Album, in 2006 and began to make waves in the industry. He then followed up with 2007’s We The Best, Victory, We Global (2008), We The Best Forever (2011), Kiss The Ring (2012), Suffering From Success (2013), I Changed A Lot (2015), Major Key (2016), Grateful (2017), Father of Asahd (2019), and his most recent, Khaled Khaled, in 2020.

With his larger-than-life personality, Khaled has earned himself a number of acting roles and endorsements as well. He’s had minor roles in 2017’s Pitch Perfect 3, 2019’s Spies In Disguise, and 2020’s Bad Boys For Life. Between 2017 and 2018, he managed to earn a cushy $30 million from touring and producing as well as endorsements from companies like Ciroc, Apple, and Weight Watchers.

This number doesn’t even include all of his earnings over the course of his career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Khaled’s earnings have steadily accumulated from 2014 to 2020. Here’s a yearly breakdown:

2014: $7 million

2015: $8 million

2016: $15 million

2017: $24 million

2018: $27 million

2019: $39 million

2020: $35 million

Add it all up and you get a total of $155 million, which is not too shabby for a DJ who solely produces. Of course, if we take taxes and expenses into account, that sum is actually a little less, which is why Celebrity Net Worth has determined that Khaled’s actual net worth is more in the ballpark of $75 million. Still, that’s not too shabby given all that Khaled has accomplished so far in his career.