Examining The Damage: 3 Revelations From SFX Entertainment’s Recent Financials


The original Mysteryland is often cited as the longest-running dance music festival in the Netherlands. First held in 1993, the massive is among Dutch promotional giant ID&T’s most prized brands – so shortly after SFX purchased a commanding share of the company in 2013, it seemed like a no-brainer to organize a US edition (similar to what TomorrowWorld was to Tomorrowland Belgium).

For what it’s worth, the inaugural edition of Mysteryland USA in 2014 seemed to have gone off without a hitch. No deaths, a respectable turnout, and glowing reviews from the vast majority of festival goers promised that there would be a follow up the next year. According documents from recent proceedings, however, the 2015 edition brought in considerably less ticket sales than the year prior.

A financial statement compiled for Mysteryland LLC reveals that where Mysteryland USA’s gross revenue in 2014 almost reached $7.5 million, the following year it only broke $5.8 million. The difference of almost $1.7 million translates to a 22% decrease in revenue from 2014-2015.

Although SFX has not formally announced its split with ID&T, some of the details of the company’s relaunch in the Netherlands have become public knowledge via rumors from reputable insiders. What ties if any the new company will have to Mysteryland USA remain to be seen.

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