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Who is Adam Levine’s wife?

She's an angel, he's a rockstar.

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When you’ve won multiple Grammys, tallied billions of views on YouTube, and performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, it’s safe to say you’re a superstar. Such is the case for Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, who can get a song stuck in your head with just the mention of its title. If you’re now humming “Sugar,” “Girls Like You,” or “Moves Like Jagger,” we apologize in advance. 

This Sexiest Man Alive might be known for his full-body tattoos, rock star personality, and signature falsetto notes, but he was also one of the original coaches on NBC’s The Voice, and is currently an executive producer for NBC’s Songland. Most importantly, he’s a family man to his wife and two daughters. 

Levine was born and raised in the City of Angels (aka Los Angeles, California) so it only makes sense that he eventually married an Angel of his own. The story of how he met his wife is almost as noteworthy as their individual careers. It might even sound like something you’d see on the Hallmark Channel.

Who is Adam Levine’s wife?

Close up of Behati Prinsloo in a cheetah print dress on the red carpet
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Levine’s wife is none other than Behati Prinsloo, the Victoria Secret’s fashion model from Namibia, South Africa. She’s known for her work as the face of the Victoria’s Secret “Pink” campaign and perhaps most notably as an Angel for the brand since 2009. Her illustrious career began with Prada and she has since walked runways for brands like Versace, Alexander McQueen, and Alexander Wang, to name a few. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also walked nine consecutive runways for the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Shows, and that was all before she was 30.

Somehow, in addition to her packed work schedule, Prinsloo found a way to squeeze in a love life. How she met the Maroon 5 lead singer definitely resembles something out of a modern-day Hallmark movie. 

How did the happy couple meet?

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It was love at first sight ⏤ well, email. 

Levine was put in touch with Prinsloo through a mutual friend, and the two started talking over email. As Prinsloo putss it, “It was such a natural correspondence that we kind of fell in love over email.”

The Victoria’s Secret model flew out to Los Angeles for a job, and, while there, met up with the Maroon 5 lead singer. “It was love at first sight, it was crazy,” she said. Like all good love stories, though, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The two broke up for a couple of months, but naturally realized the error of their ways and got back together shortly thereafter. 

The subsequent two years saw them get engaged, married, and then pregnant. They welcomed their first daughter, Dusty Rose, in 2016, and then their second daughter, Gio Grace, in 2018. “It was a wild ride!” Prinsloo said. 

It makes sense why, in 2019, Levine made the decision to leave The Voice after 16 seasons as a coach and Prinsloo took a three-year break from work. Now that their kids are older, though, and they can devote more attention to their careers, they’ve added their names to the list of celebrities investing in tequila. Levine and Prinsloo have since developed Calirosa Tequila in association with the Real Family.

Rocky waters test the tides of love

In Sept 2022, Levine shook the waters of his marriage with allegations of an affair made by Instagram model and TikTok star Sumner Stroh. In a tell-all TikTok video Stroh claimed she and Levine engaged in a year-long affair and was even asked if he could name his third child after her. The allegations were quickly refuted by Levine, but when more women came forward with similar accusations, the truth became harder to discern.

Prinsloo remained quiet following the accusations, but it’s hard not to recall her 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight in which she called Levine her “best friend” and admitted to wanting to grow their family. “But I do also want five kids,” she said. “But don’t even think about it. You know what, never say never. We want a big family, who knows? We’re leaving it up to fate and just what happens. What will happen, will happen. So there’s no limits to it.”

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