Who is Ed Sheeran’s wife?

Ed Sheeran
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

It’s hard to believe that Ed Sheeran has only been in the mainstream music scene for a little over a decade.

In that time, the “Shape of You” singer has released five separate albums, starting with 2011’s + — pronounced “plus” — and leading up to his most recent release, 2021’s = ⏤ pronounced “equals.” He’s also appeared in a swathe of television programs and film releases, including cameos in Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and continues to headline global tours.

He’s also won a fair number of awards over the last decade. In total, the English singer and songwriter has been awarded 122 times, with several high-profile accolades including his Grammys and numerous Billboard awards, all of which have helped him cement his status as a permanent fixture in the music world. 

Long before he was sweeping awards shows and releasing top tracks, Sheeran’s eventual wife was a fan. The couple has been well-acquainted since childhood, but didn’t come back together until 2015. They’ve hardly been apart since then — other than during Sheeran’s lengthy tours, of course — as the two enjoy what, by all accounts, appears to be a wonderful marriage.

Ed Sheeran’s wife

Sheeran married Cherry Seaborn, a childhood friend, in 2019. They got engaged a year earlier, following several years of dating, and have enjoyed comfortable matrimony ever since. His wife, unlike Sheeran, avoids the spotlight, but she’s hard at work behind the scenes making our planet a better place.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Seaborn is an entrepreneur who “works within the World Climate team for Deloitte North & South Europe with a focus on bringing people and organisations together to accelerate impactful solutions to combat climate change.” 

She’s also a “keen sportswoman,” according to the site, and has numerous degrees in science and business. 

Seaborn is the inspiration behind Sheeran’s 2017 song “Perfect,” which at one point proclaims “we were just kids when we fell in love.” The song, when considered in the context in which it was written, becomes all the more heartwarming. Next time you cue it up, make sure you remember the woman behind those sweet lyrics.