ZHU To Make His BBC Radio 1 Debut



Looks like ZHU‘s breakout success last year wasn’t just a flash in the pan after all. The L.A.-based house producer and unofficial poster child of the DJ slow identity reveal has been conservatively releasing a handful of new tracks recently, and now he’s announced his official debut on BBC Radio 1.

In the format of a special “After Hours” mix, the young artist will showcase live elements from his performances as well as a series of new tracks from his upcoming debut album – undoubtedly including the short ID previewed at the end of the music video he just released for “Cocaine Model,” and a track called “Slowly,” which was anonymously submitted to Proximity that we’re pretty sure he produced.

Whether you consider the slow reveal methods employed by notorious talent manager Jake Udell to be a sincere effort towards putting the music first or feel that they’re more of a disingenuous gimmick, you can’t deny that they continually succeed in building anticipation towards his releases.

Tell us, will you be tuning in to BBC Radio 1 this Friday, May 15 to catch ZHU‘s long-awaited debut?

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