Adam Sandler open to MCU and fans have Fantastic idea for his role

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Actor and comedian Adam Sandler has been a part of our culture for decades. He does one great film for every three bad ones, does not always stretch himself creatively, but, recently said he would join a cinematic universe, and some don’t loathe the idea.

After appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast and admitting he was very into the offerings from Marvel and D.C. but adding him being asked to appear will likely will not happen, several have taken to the internet to say otherwise. While some dismiss the 56-year-old, several say he has Marvel’s off-beat style and would be right for a wild Fantastic Four antagonist.

Later in the discussion, others point to his work in Uncut Gems and Hustle as proof he can be serious when the situation calls for it. At one point Sandler — who is good at playing characters who are suffering — was rumored for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy, and one user says he could go cosmic in the world, but, if so, he would just have to appear looking just like he does in our reality.

Several others suggest D.C. Comics roles would be right for the entertainer and, while many were in jest or on the villainous side of the IP, others added he could work as a hero, though whether this would connect with audiences is certainly a matter of debate.

The Fantastic Four movie in the MCU will release in 2025. Little is known about it at this time. Matt Shakman directs.